The Nat King Cole Trio tape-recorded "The Christmas song (Merry Christmas to You)" back in 1946 and also turned it right into a Christmas classic, one year after that was written by Bob Well and also Mel Torme. The song is also commonly subtitled together "Chestnuts Roasting top top an open up Fire," as result of its opening lyrics.

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Multiple kinds of the song have actually been taped throughout the years, yet the many notable version has to be Cole"s, which includes the warm sounds of a small string section. The lyrics are filled with heat Christmas feelings and also sweet holiday imagery, including: "Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe/ help to make the season bright...Yuletide carol being sung by a choir/ and folks pull up favor Eskimos."

The well-known Christmas song has actually been extended by plenty of artists, consisting of Christina Aguilera for she 2000 album,My type of Christmas, and Michael Bubléon hisLet it SnowEP.

Check the end the full lyrics below to gain in the Christmas spirit.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fireJack Frost nipping at her noseYuletide carol being sung through a choirAnd people dressed up choose Eskimos

Everybody to know a turkey and some mistletoeHelp to make the season brightTiny tots with their eyes every aglowWill discover it tough to sleep tonightThey understand that Santa"s top top his wayHe"s loaded many toys and also goodies top top his sleighAnd every mother"s boy is gonna spyTo watch if reindeer yes, really know how to fly

And for this reason I"m supplying this simple phraseTo children from one to ninety-twoAlthough it"s been said numerous times, countless waysMerry Christmas come you

And therefore I"m offering this simple phraseTo youngsters from one to ninety-twoAlthough it"s been said plenty of times, countless waysMerry Christmas to you

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Written by: Mel Torme, Robert Wells

By Shea Lenniger
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