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What is a Guild?

A guild is a group developed by like-minded civilization to enjoy the video game together, wherein they can gain the benefits of various perks, consisting of Guild Skills, Guild-Exclusive Items, and Guild Activities. Girlfriend can develop your own guild, or inquiry to join an additional guild to reap special adventures v friends (and make brand-new ones!).

Creating a Guild

You deserve to move come the Guild Base: room of Heroes through Lea in each town or with the Guild UI.

Via NPC Lea

Via Guild UI

You can develop a guild with Heracle in the Guild Base: hall of Heroes with a Lv. 101+ character by payment a 5,000,000 meso fee.


Guild UI

You can lug up the Guild UI v the default hotkey .

If you have not joined a guild, friend will have the ability to search through guilds that are at this time promoting themselves, or search for a specific guild, and request to join them. If you are a member of a guild, whether one you developed or joined, girlfriend will be able to see her guild"s information and also various actions.

If you room not however a member of a guild:


If you space a member of a guild:


Join Settings: allows Guild leader to set the guild"s preferences, such as main activities, energetic time, age group and also other factors, come let various other players looking for a guild recognize if your playstyle matches what they"re looking for.Guild Information: displays the guild"s Guild Points, variety of guild members, and Guild Leader.Guild Ranking: display screens the guild"s rankings such together Weekly honor EXP Rank, Flag race Ranking, and Sharenian Culvert Ranking.Greeting: You can write a Guild Greeting come be shown to Guild Members and potential new recruits (up to 150 characters, 75 special characters).Check-in: you can inspect in your attendance once per day, granting added Honor EXP to her guild based upon the variety of Guild Members who have checked in. You can also select to check out which guild members have actually checked in the day.Leave Guild: You have the right to leave the guild by pushing the button, and will instantly leave ~ above confirming with the succeeding button.Your Activity: girlfriend can examine your rank within the guild and also the contributions you"ve earned for the guild.

Guild Contribution

When a guild member takes part in miscellaneous activities, they obtain Contribution Points and Honor EXP for their guild, raising its level and also earning castle 3 Guild points (GP) for every 10 contribution Points earned.


You can gain Contribution points via the activities below:

ContentHow to ObtainContribution points Earned
Flag gyeongju (3 time a day)Participation Reward50
Sharenian Culvert (Once a week)Participation Reward1,000
Attendance inspect (Once a day)Attendance Check30
Boss RaidBoss BattlingSee Appendix
You cannot earn an ext than 5,000 Guild contribution Points every day.Once a guild will Lv. 30, respect EXP is no much longer accumulated. However, the earned honor EXP is quiet counted towards the guild"s Weekly honor EXP Rank, and also earns the player Guild point out (GP).


With the Attendance Check, the guild can earn extr Honor EXP based upon the number of members that examine in every day.Members Checked-InAdditional honor EXP
15+ members50
30+ members100
60+ members1,000
100+ members2,000

Guild points (GP)

Guild clues (GP) are offered in various places, such as Guild Advertisements and Guild Megaphones, as well as Guild Expansion, Guild Emblem change, and also more.

Guild Advertisement and also Guild Megaphone


When you press the button in the Guild UI, you have the right to use and also to help spread the word around your guild. Each use of the Advertise and Guild Megaphone feature expenses 1,500 GP.

Guild Expansion


You can expand the guild through Heracle in Guild Base: hall of Heroes, enhancing the maximum variety of allowed members by 10 every purchase, approximately a preferably of 200 members. The quantity of GP required to broaden the guild changes based upon the present max guild members, beginning at 10,000 GP and increasing by 10,000 GP with each purchase.

Guild Expansion(Current Max Members +10)Current Max MembersGP Required

Changing Guild Emblem


You have the right to spend 150,000 GP to change the Guild Emblem, using a repertoire of symbols, colors and also backgrounds to create an emblem the truly shows your guild.


Lv. 10+ Guilds Only: custom Guild Emblems

Lv. 10 and greater guilds can also upload a practice 17x17 JPG to act together their Guild Emblem, in exchange because that 225,000 GP. While girlfriend are complimentary to unleash your creative thinking to produce the finest emblem possible, you re welcome be cautious when creating your Guild Emblem and also keep the complying with rules in mind:

The uploaded photo size must be 17x17 pixels. If the size does no match, it cannot be registered.All images must it is in in JPG format.Inappropriate images will be removed with no GP refund, and may result in extr sanctions.

Guild Skills


Guild an abilities include both normal Guild an abilities and Noblesse Guild Skills.

Normal Guild Skills

For regular Guild Skills, through each level a guild increases by, it additionally gains 2 Guild skill Points, and also may unlock new skills. The Guild Master deserve to invest in or reset the existing skills through the Guild UI.

Normal Guild skill TypeTypeRequired Guild LevelSkill NameSkill Description
Passive1Spotting small ChangeGet bonus mesos when searching monsters.
Passive1Banner of many IEvery Monday, you"ll get guild potions that totally restore your HP/MP and also Guild Blessings the raise your ATT/Magic ATT.
Passive1Stand UnitedReduces the damages taken by guild members.
Passive3Guild ExpertiseWhen a guild member eliminates normal monsters in between Lv. 101 - 200, they earn much more EXP.
Active5On my WayMoves you to the guild girlfriend of your an option in the same channel. Cannot be used on every maps.
Passive5Guild ~ above Fire IIncreases guild members" attack Power and also Magic Attack.
Passive5Amidst the StarsIncreases guild member Star pressure rating.
Passive10MerchandisingGet discounts as soon as purchasing items from stores and bonuses when selling items come stores.
Passive10Banner of many ⅡOn Mondays, get even better Banner of many benefits.
Passive10Team PlayersIncreases guild members" damage against normal monsters.
Active15I Summon TheeMoves a guild girlfriend of your selection to your place on the very same channel. Cannot be supplied on all maps. Have the right to only be offered on guild mates who have higher level 보다 you.
Active15Rise, Minions!Revives all party members. If castle are part of her guild, restores complete MP together well.
Passive15Enhancement MasteryIncreases her success rate once you use continual scrolls or order Traces (excludes unique Scrolls)
Passive15Guild on Fire IIIncreases guild members" attack Power and also Magic Attack.
Passive20Item SalvationWhen girlfriend fail a scroll and your article is about to it is in destroyed, there"s a chance your item won"t it is in destroyed.
Passive20Banner of lot of IIIOn Mondays, get even far better Banner of many benefits.
Passive20Well-RoundedBoosts guild member stats.
Passive20FearlessDecreases the lot of EXP you lose when you die.
Passive25Upgrade SalvationWhen girlfriend fail a scroll or Spell trace enhancement, there"s a opportunity the update count will certainly not be consumed.
Passive25Arcane ForceBoosts the Arcane power of guild members. Must have completed A higher Power search to receive the effect.
Passive25Guild top top Fire IIIIncreases guild members" assault Power and also Magic Attack.
Active30Sharenian Monster MountAllows you come ride a Sharenian Monster Mount. Double-tap the jump an essential to use the High Altitude flight skill.

Noblesse Guild Skills

Skill points because that Noblesse Guild an abilities can it is in only obtained through the Sharenian Culvert and also Flag Races. Guild Masters have the right to invest the obtained Skill Points to learn additional skills!

Noblesse Guild ability TypeTypeRequired Guild LevelSkill NameSkill Description
Active1Boss SlayersTemporarily increases damage when attacking bosses.
Active1UndeterredTemporarily ignores enemies" defense in ~ a collection percentage as soon as attacking.
Active1For the Guild!Temporarily increases complete damage in ~ a collection percentage.
Active1Hard HitterTemporarily increases an important damage in ~ a collection percentage.

Guild Content

Sharenian Culvert


A network of ancient Sharenian waterways, lengthy thought to have disappeared lengthy ago, have been rediscovered. Discover the culvert with traveler Daedal, and also face the demon Arcanus, who is resting in the deepest parts of the city dungeon!

Flag Race

A good, old-fashioned gyeongju to the finish line every on one map. Follow the course as it"s laid out, present off her platforming excellence, and also complete it three times to win!

Guild Ranking


You can inspect the guild"s Weekly respect EXP Rank, Flag gyeongju Ranking, Sharenian Culvert Ranking, and more in the Guild UI. Part time requirements to elapse for Sharenian Culvert runs to it is registered in the rankings.


The rankings can also be perceived through one Honorable Rock situated in part towns.


Guild Unions/Alliances


Note:"s UI provides "Guild Alliance" and "Guild Union" interchangeably. Both room valid, and also mean the exact same thing.

A Guild Alliance (or Guild Union) is a group produced by like-minded guilds, to produce an alliance of up to 5 guilds. When you come to be a Guild Alliance, you deserve to chat v Alliance conversation even between different guilds.

How perform you make a Guild Alliance?

You can develop a Guild Alliance v Lenario in Guild Base: room of Heroes.

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The Guild Alliance have the right to be created with at the very least 2 Guild masters in a party and by payment 500,000,000 mesos. You deserve to have approximately 5 guilds in an Alliance. The leader that the party as soon as a new Guild Alliance is produced will come to be the Alliance Leader, so make certain the right player is the party leader! Guilds have the right to leave Guild Alliance at any kind of time, and can just be a member of one Guild Alliance in ~ a time.


Amount of Guild Contribution acquired upon ceo elimination detailsBoss removed Guild ContributionBoss NameIndividual ContributionParty Contribution
Zakum/Papulatus/Magnus Zakum100500
Horntail/Von Leon Hilla/Pierre/Von Bon/Crimson Queen/Vellum/Horntail1501,000
OMNI-CLN/Pink Bean/Von Leon Horntail2501,500
Arkarium/Magnus/Papulatus Von Leon5002,000
Cygnus Cygnus Hilla Pink Bean/Zakum/Pierre/Von Bon/Crimson Queen10002,000
Magnus Vellum/Papulatus12502,500
Lotus/Damien/Lucid/Will/Gloom/Darknell Damien/Lotus/Lucid/Will/Verus Hilla15003,000
black color Mage20003,000

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