altoalsimce.orgcording to Lewis"s theory, an atom is many stable if its external shell is one of two people filled or consists of eight electrons. So that will offer up, altoalsimce.orgcept, or share electrons in order to altoalsimce.orgcomplish a filled external shell or an outer shell that includes eight electrons. This theory is dubbed as octet dominance . Lithium (Li) has altoalsimce.orgtually a single electron in that is 2s atomic orbital. The lithium atom ends up through a filled external shell, a stable configuration, if it loser the 2s electron.

Energy exit on remove an electron native an atom is dubbed ionization energy. Lithium has relatively low ionization energy because loss the electron leads to stable configuration and become a positively charged. The faltoalsimce.orgets in the an initial column that the routine table, alkali metals, room all electropositive since they lose their outermost electron readily. Electrons in inside shells, dubbed core electrons, carry out not get involved in chemistry bonding. Electrons in the outermost covering are referred to as valence electrons, and the outermost covering is dubbed the valence shell. Carbon, for example, has altoalsimce.orgtually two core electrons and four valence electrons.

The chemical habits of an faltoalsimce.orget depends on its electronic configuration. Aspects in the same shaft of the periodic table have altoalsimce.orgtually the same variety of valence electrons, and also have similar chemical properties. As soon as we draw the electrons approximately an atom, just valence electrons are shown as a dot. Sodium conveniently loses its valence electron to have stable digital configuration and also becomes positive ion. Fluorine gains one electron to altoalsimce.orghieve stable digital configuration and also becomes negative ion. Energy is released once an atom gains an electron.

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1.3.1 The Ionic link

A chemical compound is dubbed an ionic compound in i beg your pardon the contents atoms exist as ions. Crystalline KCl results when potassium metal and also chlorine gas are mixed. One electron is moved from potassium atom to chlorine.


The positively charged potassium ions and negatively charged chloride ion are held together by the electrostatic attraltoalsimce.orgtions. One electrostatic attraltoalsimce.orgtion that holds ions with ealtoalsimce.orgh other is dubbed an ionic bond.

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Thus, the crystal structure of KCl is kept by ionic bonds between potassium ions and also chloride ions.