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Richard from Cape city Mr huge stuff was among my favourite songsBarry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn now in 1971 September 25th Jean knight performed "Mr. Huge Stuff" ~ above the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, "American Bandstand"...Four months previously on may 23rd, 1971 "Mr. Large Stuff" entered Billboard"s hot 100 graph at place #92, eleven weeks later it would peak at #2* (for 2 weeks} and it spent sixteen mainly on the top 100...And ~ above June 27th, 1971 it got to #1 for 5 weeks ~ above Billboard"s warm R&B Singles chart, for the very first four weeks it was at #1 it kept one more Knight the end of the height spot, Gladys knight & the Pips" "I Don"t desire To perform Wrong" was in the #2 spot because that those 4 weeks...Later in 1971 Ms. Knight had one more "Hot Stuff" record on the optimal 100, ~ above October 24th her "You Think You"re warm Stuff" peaked at #57 for 2 weeks...He 3rd and last top 100 document was "Mr. Toot", it got to #50 in 1985...Jean Knight, born Jean Caliste, will celebrated her 77th date of birth in 4 months ~ above January 26th, 2020...* The 2 weeks "Mr. Big Stuff" was at #2 ~ above the peak 100, the #1 document for both those weeks to be "How have the right to You mend A broken Heart" through the punishment Gees... Howard Goodman native Edgewater Park NjI recognize The Chiffons. Laurie Records. Sure wished they provided the upper and lower reversal of "He"s so Fine" as their very first release. "Oh my Lover" is, in my opinion, lot better.Kristin native Bessemer, AlJean Knight"s follow-up come this colossal hit to be entitled "You Think You"re hot Stuff", i beg your pardon wasnt rather as colossal, peaking at number 57 ~ above the Billboard warm 100.Andrew from Birmingham, united StatesDoes anyone know "Sweet-Talkin" Guy" through the Chiffons? when I think that "Mr. Large Stuff" through Jean Knight, i think of one affirmative solution to the Chiffons. The Chiffons sing around a mrs warning other women no to fall for a big bad wolf; the Chiffons call him "sweet-talkin" guy". According to the means I said stories, Jean knight sings about a woman that takes the Chiffonic advice and confronts the "sweet-talkin" guy" and also shows that who"s boss; Jean Knight, however, calls that "Mr. Huge Stuff".see much more comments

"Irreplaceable" wasn"t especially penned for Beyonce - in fact, Ne-Yo wrote it much more as a country song and also had confidence Hill and Shania twain in mind.

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All i Wanna DoSheryl crow

"All ns Wanna Do" through Sheryl Crow started with the very first line native an obscure poem referred to as "Fun" the read, "All ns wanna perform is have some fun."

solitary Ladies (Put a Ring ~ above It)Beyoncé

Beyoncé married Jay-Z 5 months prior to releasing "Single women (Put a Ring ~ above It)," a song she sang in character together her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.

Ho HeyThe Lumineers

"Ho Hey" through The Lumineers invested 62 mainly on the hot 100, tying with Lifehouse"s 2005 single "You and also Me" for the longest stay on the chart for a song by a rock band.

You"re A friend Of MineClarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons, that played the sax in Bruce Springsteen"s E Street Band, had actually the best solo fight of anyone in the group - as well as Springsteen - as soon as "You"re A girlfriend Of Mine" fight #18 in 1985.

rock The CasbahThe Clash

Barry Sonnenfeld, who would later straight the movies gain Shorty and also Men in Black, to be the manager of photography ~ above the "Rock the Casbah" video for The Clash.

Sam PhillipsSongwriter Interviews

Collaborating with T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips changed her name and left she Christian brand behind - Robert Plant, that recorded one of her song on elevating Sand, is a fan.

black SabbathFact or Fiction

Dwarfs on stage with an oversize Stonehenge set? Dabbling in Satanism? discover out i beg your pardon Spinal Tap-moments were true for black Sabbath.

Little large TownSongwriter Interviews

"When seed that you sow thrive by the angry moon/Be sure your guilty will uncover you out/Your past will hunt friend down and also turn to tell ~ above you."

AC/DCFact or Fiction

Does Angus yes, really drink himself silly? did their surname come native a sewing machine? watch if you can spot the real stories around AC/DC.

Dar WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

A popular modern-day folk singer, Williams quiet remembers the sticky note that adjusted her life in college.

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Deconstructing Doors Songs with The author Of The Doors ExaminedSong composing

Doors experienced Jim Cherry, writer of The Doors Examined, talks around some of their defining songs and also exposes part Jim Morrison myths.