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By Jonah Krakow
For all intents and also purposes, My surname is Earl is a family show about redemption, forgiveness and doing good things to assist others. What makes it so various is episodes prefer this one, wherein Earl can aid people much better their lives, if still dealing with less family-friendly aspects like naval-piercing v a broken radio antenna, lonely mid-op transsexuals trying to find prison lovers and practical jokes on skinheads unable to do horribly wrong.

The plot the this illustration was pretty straightforward if you neglect naked billboards, steal gravesite flowers and also involuntary ass tattoos. Due to the fact that of an earlobe-related incident, frank (Michael Rapaport) to be thrown right into solitary and unable to store a scheduled conjugal visit through his girlfriend, billy (Alyssa Milano). Earl to be asked come apologize because that him and in act so, damaged up the couple. Together a result, Earl feel it to be his duty to acquire the two back together and adds them to his list. The sub-plot was around the escalating rivalry between Joy and Catalina that connected messy, uh, "accidents", camera-phone blackmail and also Joy's famous cookie recipe from Season 1 that now attributes laxatives instead of poison. Again, it's a family show! While no as crazy and also silly together last week's episode, there to be still many of funny stuff to it is in found. The montage the Earl and also Frank filming date videos because that Convict complement was great, together was Frank and also Billie's how amazing shoot 'em up in the liquor store. And also prison indications scattered about the conjugal visiting room like, "We are not responsible for any type of STD's transmitted," and also warden Craig T. Nelson's double-thumbs up, "Enjoy yourself. You've earn it," to be worth the price of a DVR.

There's one inconsistency in the display that proceeds to frustrate mainly after week and also that is the dealing with of Randy's intelligence, or absence thereof. His level of stupidity fluctuates v every episode and also leaves us wondering how he makes it out of bed every morning without acquiring killed. For example, this main he activate both a video clip and a digital camera, however in the first episode this season, the couldn't collection a basic alarm clock. We're said he had the highest score the the year top top his jail guard test and also yet if holding a Sudoku book, he asks, "Do you recognize a three-letter native that can have a '6' in it." Yes, it's a great joke and also Randy's a great character, yet a little consistency would certainly be nice. Overall, this was a hard episode but not quite perfect. The ideal episodes of the present are clearly funny, but also succeed on an emotionally level as the "listees" uncover solace and also Earl finds redemption. Frank is a funny and also likable character, but daunting to feeling sorry for. He's a screw up who hasn't completely earned Earl's help yet together opposed to others whose resides were directly impacted by Earl's criminal ways. Earl's decision to forgo his list and aid Billie instead made sense, as he witnessed someone offering up on a promise future because that an unhealthy relationship. It's a template Earl has actually dealt with countless times before, many importantly in his own life.

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Unfortunately, with all of the task in this episode, she story got lost in the mix. That wasn't given sufficient time to with the emotional highs of illustration past, however hopefully that will certainly be remedied as soon as she returns together Earl's potential love interest in the future.