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I want to usage a auto oil filter because that my GT. Ns thinking simply as long as the rubber oil seal is the exact same size,,it will certainly work. Am i correct or is there more to it??Seems like my s-10 pick-up filter is the exact same size as plenty of LT filters. And I acquire one for cost-free when i buy a gal the oil. So I have a shelf full of them.


I have no idea in ~ the moment. Seems like I acquire a different brand filter with a different number every time I obtain one. And also ,with the end looking I execute not know the number ~ above the LT. But its possible these filters could be the exact same size for countless different LT"s,, GT"s.It would certainly be quite to have actually a graph of various LT filter coverted .


Small engines only use favor 4 diff filters...1348 because that Briggs and also Kohler, one because that Kawasaki, one for press mowers, and also one because that Generacs....thats "just about" it...except for choose "long life" filters that space an inch
Small engines just use choose 4 diff filters...1348 because that Briggs and Kohler, one because that Kawasaki, one for press mowers, and also one for Generacs....thats "just about" it...except for like "long life" filter that space an inch
i did not recognize that. Then a feller can buy about 3 filters from auto zone,, because that the price of 1 in the garden ar .Briggs and Kohler are the same?? NAPA-1348?? just how do I covert this to fram or Purolater? I have several that these because that my s-10 but do not understand the numbers right now.I"m not really interested in kawasaki or push mowers. Don"t deal with them much.
Wix 1348 = Purolator L10241Wix 7035 doesent seem to crossWix 1056= Purolator L35310Wix 1394= Purolator L14476Fram isn"t precious mentioning
This is great info. (im not also confused,,but ns not certain what WIX is)I am going to check this info today. Out of them all ,,,I think wix1056/purolater L35310 is my very first option/test filter. It"s the best size and also common for the most.I to be going to inspect the prices on all of the above first. And if every cheap in cost,,,I to be going to buy 1,,, for now,,,(1056 if priced right.)And once I speak buy 1,,I median buy a gallon the oil and also get a filter,,of my selection for free.----------->Auto zone or Auto Works.
Wix is a brand of oil filter owned by the Affinia corporation.. Napa and Carquest filters room made by Wix, but they also sell under there very own Wix label.. Napa yellow is wix premium ( high top quality with cloth aspect ) and all i use.
True... Fram has actually been junk ever due to the fact that the 90s. I choose Wix/Napa (be cautious as some space made in China this days, I prevent those), but use Hastings/Baldwin filters. Amsoil filters space Wix filters made come Amsoil specs, not certain what is different about them.Purolators are good. KN oil filters are great but room overpriced. Ns don"t recall who they space made by. I think- think- Bosch. View link listed below for really data.I did regulate to discover the attach that explains every one of this...Oil filter Explained
WTB:Simplicity Sovereign/LL/Baron brake rodFS:Various stuff... At an early stage WH snowblower, DeutzAllis go behind blower (very nice come mint), a couple of CC Kohlers, first gen, second gen, and an early "pto" trojan Bilt horses, and also other stuff. Ask.
lf157 hastingslf384 hastingslf134 hastingsb343 baldwinbt223 baldwinb159 baldwin51516 wix51348 wixThat have to keep girlfriend going for a whileW
Can"t uncover the maker of oil filter girlfriend want? shot ebay. I obtained a dozen Baldwin B2 filter for about $30 from an commercial surplus place. (They"re for my Jeep... They"re larger than factory spec filters together I did part looking about comparing component numbers and also such to discover a filter with much more filter media) I"d search (brand of filter) and (part number). Walk by applications (simplicity tractor oil filter) will certainly normally carry up every kinds that stuff, including sewing patterns.:dunno:
Simplicity Sovereign/LL/Baron brake rodFS:Various stuff... At an early stage WH snowblower, DeutzAllis go behind blower (very nice come mint), a pair of CC Kohlers, 1st gen, 2nd gen, and very early "pto" trojan Bilt horses, and other stuff. Ask.
I additionally avoid the orange can of death, but..... Ns recommend the frame Xtended Guard filters to everyone who"ll listen. Inspect Fram"s website for details.Plus, Fram has a really an excellent cross-reference top top their brochure site.
---JimIt"s just money, girlfriend make an ext every day."74 Agway/MTD 990"93 Troy-bilt GTX18"74 Allis Chalmers Homesteader 8 (X2)?? Simplicity Broadmoor 717?? Pennsylvania Meteor 1010
What is wrong with Fram? that is all i run and I have actually had an excellent service the end of them. I likewise like frame air and fuel filters. BUT, I constantly buy their optimal of the line filter so possibly that is the difference, filters are cheap insurance. I additionally run Champion spark plugs with good results; but all i buy is the genuine copper core plugs.Joe
Fram filters because that the most part use a cardboard ring at the bottom to hold the pressure, many other brands usage a metal ring. If the ring fails, it outcomes in ns of oil pressure. The cardboard rings have actually been well-known to punch on Frams, and also have to be directly attached to oil push issues.. Countless engine builders will no warranty one engine v a fram filter... I"v seen and heard around the Xtended Guard yet never purchase 1 to inspect out. Wix is simply a no brainer because that me.. Maby 1 job I"ll inspect the construction of an Xtended guard and see if over there worth trying
I generally use a Mobil 1 filter because that my truck - that a ache decision tho at $13 each. Dont understand that they do one for little engines tho ? Myself i think i"ll just grab OEM filters... Walmart tote Briggs and also Stratton filters and also Kohler filters. Many farm supply shop will carry alot too. Even my auto parts store has actually OEM Kohler/Briggs filters. I hate their cost tho ns think that is $10 because that a Kohler filter...
I don"t mental spending 8 bucks on a napa oil filter beats 15 ~ above a Kohler one. Still wondering why a automobile filter is half the money favor yourself.

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