You"ll wait a long, lengthy time for anything much To take place in heaven beyond the floats of cloud and also the north Lights the run prefer tingling nerves. The sun and moon get crossed, but they never ever touch, nor strike the end fire native each other nor crash out loud. The planets seem to interfere in their curves - however nothing ever before happens, no injury is done. We may too go patiently on with our life, and also look elsewhere than come stars and moon and also sun for the shocks and also changes we have to keep united state sane.

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the is true the longest drout will finish in rain, The longest tranquility in China will finish in strife. Still the wouldn"t prize the watcher to stay awake In hopes of seeing the calm of heaven break on his details time and personal sight. The calm seems certainly safe to last to-night.

This is Frost in philosophical vein.The heavens space at peace, however we have to take nothing forgranted.Frost has a gift because that the informing last line; see for circumstances Hyla Brook and also Fireflies in the Garden.

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