Haruhi : *opens the door, do the master jump* *weak voiced* "Hey everyone, why don't you come in?" *turns top top a light* "I know it's no much, yet please, do yourselves at home. I'll make us some tea! Um.. I'm sorry, us don't have sufficient cups, yet we do have some bowls." *sets under the tea on the floor, in cracked cups and also bowls* "Eh here.."

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Kaoru : *holding his bowl* "Hey boss, what's v this place? She lives here?"

Hikaru : "Maybe it's some type of set. Y'know prefer in the movies?"

Tamaki : "I-i-i-i-i hope so! Calm down you guys, I'll bet this is the store room. I'm optimistic the unlimited cosmos is just on the other side of that closet."

Twins : "Then must we try to open it?" 

Tamaki : *frantic* "Now's not the time!" *whisper shouts*

Haruhi : "Since girlfriend guys made decision to come by in ~ lunchtime, mine dad claimed it would certainly be crude if ns didn't offer you something to eat. We've to be fasting for three days to save up money come buy something suitable to your taste." *opened a cupboard* *laughs weakly, reaching in and pulling out a sushi sampler* "But it's all worth that as long as you guys like it." *weakly* "Ta da..! A sushi sampler, that was marked down at the supermarket! H-how around that?" *chuckles*

Huni : *cries* "Sorry we involved visit Haru-Chan, don't make united state eat it!" 

Tamaki : *on the verge that tears* "Be solid men," *breaks personal his chopsticks* "Haruhi has actually suffered for our advantage so it's the the very least we could do."

Kaoru : *eating it* "But teacher I'm not even sure this is fish!" *sobbing in addition to Hikaru*

Haruhi : *holding a piece of tuna to she mouth shakily* "Wow i can't believe it! Isn't this a piece of an elaborate tuna? I never tasted that 'till now."

Tamaki : *gasps, looking over to her*

Haruhi : *eats it* "It's delicious!"

Tamaki : "What? No Haruhi! That's just regular old tuna, it's by no means fancy!!" *sitting increase in bed, panting* *looks about his room* *brushes hair the end of his face, laugh slightly* "Ah simply a dream.." *sighs* *comes downstairs*

Shima (chief that staff) : "Morning master Tamaki, noþeles we have the right to do because that you?"

Tamaki : "I need to gain going, please lug the car around front at once."

Chauffeur : "Yes, of food sir."

Shima : "I beg her pardon grasp Tamaki, however what would certainly you like for breakfast this morning?"

Tamaki : *throws a fit* "I don't want any, I already told friend I have to gain going!!" i can't shake the nightmare I had actually this morning. I respect the privacy the our club members, so I've never intruded top top their personal lives, but..

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What if Haruhi yes, really is life in poverty? What if that hovel is her home? I have to go see Haruhi and try to gain the truth out that her! I've gotta obtain to school!

Shima : "Hold it right there grasp Tamaki! i can't allow you leave the house like that! You're still wearing your pajama bottoms and your house slippers!"

Tamaki : *screams, running back upstairs*

Shima : *watches him* "Well, he's no the brightest young man."

Tamaki : *comes earlier downstairs, a blush top top his confront as the rushes come the door* *coughs slightly* "Thank you Shima, and also I'll it is in going now."

Shima : "I dislike to it is in a bother grasp Tamaki, however today is Sunday. Which method you don't need to go to school today sir."