The Moon Arcana is one of the more hidden away s-links in Persona 4 Golden, together you’ll need to progress a little bit of the way into one more storyline in order to kick off the Ai Ebihara social link.

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Ai is a character you deserve to romance and also enter into either a casual romantic connection with or a an ext genuine and final lovers’ partnership with - yet you’ll must know exactly how to carry out so, and it’s a small more complicated than with other characters, and with more pitfalls. This overview will help you to keep Ai happy, it is in it together a girlfriend or simply a friend.

For assist with the remainder of the P4G cast, inspect out RPG Site’s full Persona 4 gold social connect guide, packed v conversation choices and everything rather you’ll need.


AI Ebihara S-Link overview - Moon

While every solitary character connection in Persona 4 gold is different, the Ai Ebihara social link is among the most complex in the game simply because it’s one s-link that can be irreparably broken - say and also do the not correct thing and this friendship can end suddenly.

That’s wherein this guide comes in - the lists every s-link rank and also all conversation choices for the Ai Ebihara partnership - and it additionally guides you to making Ai her girlfriend if you want to go after a partnership with her as lover - which is additionally a little more complicated than many of the other romanceable girls in the game.

In Persona 4, social web links are measured by a hidden stat for each s-link. Hanging out through that personality raises that stat come level it up, and also replying in methods the personality likes gains girlfriend extra points, accelerating the rank-up process.

This page lists every answers that offer allude bonuses, v the bonuses detailed next to them. Those number include second affinity bonus for having a Persona the the best Arcana with you - for this reason make sure you have a Moon Persona in her stock once seeing Ai.

Ai Ebihara is easily accessible to invest time v on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She can be uncovered in the Classroom building 1F.

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Rank 1:

In bespeak to accomplish Ai, you’ll need to advancement another social connect - the strength (Fellow Athletes) social link. Advance that to location 4 and also you’ll satisfy Ai as component of proceedings.After did you do it met Ai, she’ll show up in the institution 1F and will questioning you to skip course with her. You’ll require Level 3 Courage to skip class - location up ship if you require to, then accept her request to begin the s-link, bonding over truancy. Lovely!

Rank 1 > 2:

Choices that influence your relationship this rank:

Hmm, doesn’t look favor they’ve gained anything new in. I already have every one of this...“We’ll have to come back.” +3Buy me an iced latte.“Buy the yourself. +3“Let’s split one.” +2They should get rid of all the salespeople and put in vending machines. Press a button, and outcome her clothes.Either Answer

Rank 2 > 3:

Choices that impact your relationship this rank:

What must we perform instead?“Let’s simply chill.” +3“Come shopping with me.” +2Looking in ~ it from her perspective, I’d say you acquired pretty lucky.Either Answer.Ai rubbish him there is no a 2nd thought…“Can’t you it is in nice?” “You coulda speak to him… That was downright cruel… Are look at everything? 

Rank 3 > 4:

Choices that influence your partnership this rank:

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The conversation is getting much more and an ext vulgar…“Stop them.” +3 (Strength S-Link bonus also)“Ignore them.” +2 (Strength S-Link bonus also)…….“Hey, stop go.” +3“Did friend hear them?” +3

Rank 4 > 5:

Choices that affect your relationship this rank:

Th-thank you because that that, last time...“What room you talk about?” +2“You’re welcome.” +2Do you think possibly I’m his type? O-or execute you think the hates… human being like me?”Have a tiny confidence.” +3“.......” +2All I require you to carry out is… ask him what’s his type. That’s it.“No problem.” “Not gonna happen!”

Rank 5 > 6:

This rank contains a concern that will fully change how your partnership with Ai procedures from here. The s-link can take one of two routes: the Temporary Lovers route, or the Normal Route.

The momentary Lovers route will enable you to become romantically associated with Ai as lovers at this rank, however this ultimately has a an unfavorable result later, leading only to friendship or the s-link being damaged off entirely at rank 8.The Normal route sees you remain friends, yet you will certainly then have the choice to seek a true romantic partnership later, at rank 10, if you pick to.

Choices that influence your connection this rank:

But if ns can’t be loved, climate what’s the point?!Any AnswerIt’s not like I have any other redeeming qualities…Any AnswerHaha, simply kidding...“I’ll be her boyfriend.” “……” Hey… why don’t you and I just go out? “Sounds good.” “Are girlfriend sure around that?”

Ranks from this point on are on two routes - the Temporary Lovers route and also the Normal Route.

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Rank 6 > 7 (Normal Route):

Choices that affect your partnership this rank:

I’m sorry. Ns don’t median to save making you cave out through me...“I nothing mind.” +3I wonder why…?“Because we’re friends.” +3“You have actually a to like on me.” +3“Because I’m unique to you.” +2

Rank 6 > 7 (Temporary lovers Route):

Choices that affect your relationship this rank:

Hey, why don’t you pick out some garments for me? What perform you think I’d look good in?“Sexy clothes.” +3“Cute clothes.” +3Isn’t that right?“Yep.” you think ns pretty?“Of course you are.” +3

Rank 7 > 8 (Normal Route):

Choices that affect your relationship this rank:

He was just.. A normal, good guy. I guess what ns felt to be a type of fleeting thing.“Happens every the time.” +3

Rank 7 > 8 (Temporary lover Route):

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Choices that affect your relationship this rank:

Do friend love me?“Of course.” +3You need me, right?“Naturally…” +3

Rank 8 > 9 (Normal Route):

Choices that influence your connection this rank:

Things nothing look good… you feeling Ai is in danger.“Help her.”Uh… sorry, was that unnecessary?“Are friend alright?” +3“That was reckless that you.” +3

Rank 8 > 9 (Temporary lovers Route):

At this rank, the Ai social link can be broken, definition it will never advance further. It is in warned! selections that affect your partnership this rank:

I think we need to… break up.Any Answer.I’m therefore worthless...“That’s not true.” +3“You decision your very own worth.” +3“Then let’s discover your value.” +2I’m certain you’ll ultimately hate me… and then you’ll leaving me.

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Any AnswerIs there any way… that we can just it is in friends?“Sure.” +3“I knew the whole time.” +3“We need time apart.”

Rank 9 > 10 (Normal Route):

This rank is whereby you can end up being a proper, not-doomed boyfriend to Ai Ebihara. Choices that impact your connection this rank:

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What will certainly you do?“Accept it.” (Lovers’ Romantic relationship Trigger)“Reject her.” (Friendship only)

Rank 9 > 10 (Temporary lover Route):

If you didn’t sever the social attach at rank 8, it proceeds to a friendship conclusion here. Selections that influence your connection this rank:

Still… i’m not an excellent at gift alone. I understand it’s a lot to ask, but… will you remain by my side?Any Answer; her choice.

Regardless of route or what alternative you choose, if girlfriend raise the Ai Ebihara social attach to location 10, you will do it be rewarded through the Compact an essential item, i m sorry unlocks the Persona combination of Sandalphon.