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I have a pistol - pietro beretta gardone v.t. Cal. 7,65 - serial no- 326505I would like to know when manufactured and also witch cartridge size should i use- 7 mm or 7,65 or what?thank girlfriend in advance

It is a Beretta version 1935. 7.65mm Browning is what we call .32 ACP and that is the ammunition for it. Part I note the muzzle appears to it is in threaded; the is no factory and also while it can not it is in a problem, that does indicate that someone has actually been working on the pistol. Ns suggest having actually a gunsmith check it out before firing it.Jim
Thank you really much for your prompt replay.You offered me wonderful info. Ns would choose relay to recognize witch bullet size could i usage for this pistol? is it 7mm or 7.65mm or 8mm ?I,m wait for her answer!

The "7.65mm" cartridge is the europe designation because that the usual .32 automatically pistol cartridge. This is something girlfriend can discover in most American pistol stores. This ring is likewise called the ".32 ACP" cartridge.

freiheit59,As stated prior to - the pistol is marked for 7,65mm, which is the same cartridge together the AMERICAN designation that .32ACP. The bullet/projectile diameter should autumn into the .310 - .312 inch or 7.65mm ranges.
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