Did you understand that the skeleton in ours body deteriorate majorly the phosphate ion (tricalcium phosphate)? It’s no only current in ours bones yet even in our this as well. The sounds fairly interesting, right?

It’s no only crucial for humans but for plants together well. Therefore it’s essential we learn about this compound and also see what makes it for this reason special.

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Phosphate or PO43- is a trivalent inorganic anion the is obtained from phosphoric acid. It is composed of a number of salts the contain the phosphate ion, the dihydrogen phosphate ion, and lots that cations (positive charge) choose calcium, sodium, etc. That occurs naturally in food, water as well in human beings (bones, teeth, and also genes).

USA, China, and Morocco are at this time the top producers of phosphate due to the maximum existence of phosphate rocks (minerals) in this countries.

Now that you establish its importance, permit us study PO43- in detail and also learn about its Lewis structure, Hybridization, shape, and polarity.

PO43- Lewis Structure

Before we start to draw the Lewis framework of PO43- action by step let united state look at an introduction of just how the Lewis framework will look like.

To draw the Lewis structure of any compound, we constantly use the principle of valence electrons (number of electrons in the external shell of each atom).

The as whole charge top top the phosphate ion is -3 and the phosphorus atom is in an oxidation state that +5.

In the Lewis structure of PO43-, p forms single bonds v 3 oxygen atoms and forms a double bond with one oxygen atom. These oxygen atoms lug a fee of -1.

Let us currently look the steps forced for drawing a Lewis structure:-

1. Count the total number of valence electrons of the molecule.

2. Locating the main atom that the molecule.

3. Arranging the electrons as lone pairs to kind bonds v each atom.

4. Plan of the staying valence electrons so that each atom completes the octet.

5. Converting potential lone bag into double or triple bond to make the molecule more stable. We also check the formal charge of every atom and make certain that that is the shortest possible.


The finest Lewis framework of any type of molecule will have actually 0 as the appropriate formal fee for every atom. The formula for calculating formal charge is provided below:-

Steps of illustration lewis framework of PO43-

1. Let us count the total number of valence electrons because that the molecule PO43-. Ns belongs to group 5, hence has 5 valence electrons. O belongs to team 6, hence has actually 6×4= 24 valence electron (4 atom of O).

Now there is a fee of -3 ~ above the totality atom which method there space 3 extr valence electron present. Hence, total variety of valence electron is 5+24+3= 32 valence electrons.

2. The atom which has actually the highest possible valence factor, as well as the greatest bonding sites, is termed together the central atom. Following this reasoning P is the central atom that PO43-.

3. Now we begin arranging this electrons together lone pairs on every atom so the it resembles a chemical bond. 8 valence electrons are supplied up because that this.

4. Now we kinds the continuing to be 24 valence electrons around each atom so the it completes the octet. Us observe that all 32 valence electrons are currently used up.

5. Now we check the formal charge of each atom that PO43-. We view that P has a +1 charge and also all the O atoms have actually a -1 charge. Now, this looks all fine.


But is this the lowest formal charge possible? Remember the the charges on every atom the a molecule make it more unstable. So the ideal Lewis structure need to ideally have actually each atom through a fee of 0 ~ above it.

In PO43-, P have the right to hold an ext than 8 valence electron (period 5). So, if P provides a dual bond with among the oxygen atom then p will have actually a fee of 0 and also so will the doubly external inspection O atom. The rest 3 O atoms will have actually a -1 charge, thus offering rise to the -3 fee on the molecule.

We can not induce more twin bonds v O because that the simple reason that p will acquire a -1 fee which will certainly make the molecule very unstable.

Thus, we acquire the required finest Lewis framework for PO43-.

PO43- Hybridization


Let us now take a look in ~ the Hybridization that the molecule i beg your pardon will give us an ext information ~ above the nature of their chemical bonds.

The Hybridization the PO43- is Sp3.

This can be taken through two methods:-

Method 1: The theory aspect- Hybridization that PO43- have the right to be discovered by including the variety of bonds and the lone pair of the central atom. The value of Hybridization (H) is determined by:-

If H=2 climate it’s sp hybridized.

If H=3, climate its sp2 hybridized.

H=4 means that that sp3 hybridized.

H=5 way that it is sp3d hybridized.

And H=6 method that its sp3d2 hybridized.

In PO43-, we recognize P is the main atom. It provides 4 sigma bonds through each O atom (double bonds/triple bonds are considered as one sigma bond) and also it has actually no lone pairs existing on it. So full value the H is 4, which renders the molecule Sp3 hybridized.

Method 2: Next we come to the formula facet of hybridization. This is useful if friend don’t psychic the theory.The formula to uncover the Hybridization of any type of molecule is given below:-

H= 1/2

H= Hybridization of the molecule

V= number of Valence electrons of the central atom.

C= fee on cation or an ext electropositive atom.

A= charge on anion or an ext electropositive atom.

Now let us look at PO43-,

Here p is the main atom therefore V =5 (valence electrons)

M= 0, because Oxygen (O), is a divalent atom, therefore there space no monovalent atom bonded to the central atom.

C = 0 (charge ~ above P)

A= -3 (Combined charge of O atoms)



H=4, indicating that PO43- is sp3 hybridized.

Hence, the hybridization the PO43- deserve to be found by utilizing these two methods.

PO43- molecular Geometry

The next important step is to determine the molecular geometry the PO43-.

The molecular geometry the a molecule gives its shape and the shortcut angles.

The molecule geometry of PO43- is Tetrahedral. The bond angle formed between each atom is 109.5 degrees.

The notation AXN deserve to be provided to determine the molecular geometry of any kind of molecule. A denotes the number of main atoms.

X denotes the number of atoms that room chemically external inspection to the central atom. And finally, N denotes the lone pairs on the central atom ( the nonbonding electrons).

Looking in ~ PO43-, A=1 because P is the only central atom. X= 4 together there 4 atom of O attached come the main atom. N will certainly be zero as all the electron are connected in bonding and also there space no lone pairs. Thus using the formula, we acquire the shape for PO43- as AX4.

If us look up this notation in the VSEPR graph given listed below we uncover that PO43- has actually a tetrahedral shape.


PO43- Polarity

PO43- is a non-polar molecule.

Electronegativity distinction is the key factor as result of which polarity occurs in a molecule. Polar molecules usually have an asymmetrical shape and their network dipole minute is never zero.

The electronegativity difference between P (2.1) and O(3.5) is better than 0.5 do the P-O link polar. But is PO43- as a molecule polar?

For that, we an initial draw that is Lewis structure and then attract the dipole moments for each bond. Due to PO43- having actually a symmetry structure, the dipole moments cancel each other out calculation the molecule non-polar.

To check this fact, us can likewise take a look in ~ its molecule geometry. It has a tetrahedral shape with each dipole minute going in the opposite direction, do the net dipole minute 0 which makes PO43- a non-polar molecule.


The molar massive of PO43- is 94.97 g/mol. That is generally used in toothpaste as polishing and a air conditioning agent. That is also used in various cleaning agents and also pesticides also making the quite valuable for obtaining rid the dirt.

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So now, we have learned every little thing we must know about the PO43- molecule ranging from the Lewis structure, hybridization, molecular geometry, and polarity.

Now you have actually strengthened her basics for the molecule P043-. If girlfriend have any type of doubts concerning the above-mentioned points please feel free to deal with me. Study Well!