Note: part Number 530069247- Purge Lines compelled to it is in Ordered; Old Purge Lines no Compatible through this Bulb





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Hello sawpro,We ready an article and video that i hope will assist you v the project you space trying come accomplish. Here is the attach to it. Hoe to replace Fuel LinesGood luck, WJA,
You need to remove the cover directly across from the centrifical clutch. It has a bunch the fins the you will see. Girlfriend will need a solid gripped person to fixed the fins. Please remember come tell that human being not to rest them! then you take a wide flat blade screwdriver and also a hammer on height of the clutch it says off and also on remainder the screwdriver on the edge of the turn off side one sharp tap need to do it. When it move very small you then have the right to unscrew in the off direction the entire clutch will come off. Pay close attention at the springs and counter weights due to the fact that you will need to remove them. A photo might help. Great luck Gonzo,Mark
The part with teeth on it. Clutch DRUM and Clutch assembly have actually no teeth. For those that care, the clutch north is hosted on to the finish of the engine"s crankshaft through a TORX 20 screw. You loosen the screw to eliminate the drum. The screw does not come out, but stays inside the drive-neck of the clutch drum. An excellent advice on utilizing the rope though. It works. Flywheel removed is fun. Possibly that is the part the OP said had "teeth." by the way, the original post on this problem is 2.75 years old. Go you obtain it off yet??