Was checking my power steering fluid today and looked into the strength steering reservoir and also saw a liquid the reminded me of chocolate milk. Is that the means the liquid is an alleged to look like? power steering fluid is clear as soon as it comes out of the bottle.TIA
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Your strength steering liquid is ATF, so it must be a nice healthy and balanced red color. Search in this forum for instructions ~ above draining and refilling the system.

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You should change it out immediately. Sounds like it has been contaminated v the wrong sort of PS fluid, water, or miscellaneous else.I wouldn"t drainpipe it, just bleed it out. Acquire a suction gun or big syringe. Suck the end the fluid. Fill it up with fresh Dexron/Mercon type ATF. Begin the engine, rotate the wheel left and right. Suck it the end again and refill through fresh and also turn the wheel part more. Do this till the liquid is clean.The rack seals are well-known to failure on E30 and E36s, numerous times due to the fact that somone supplied "power steering fluid", which is no ATF. PS liquid is a clear, mineral oil based hydraulic fluid. Some BMW systems need CHF type 7 or 11, but that"s mostly for cars whereby the PS liquid pumps increase the me levelling suspension.
My powersteering liquid was that color when i bought the car used. Entirety system to be replaced as result of internal corrosion that the lines, etc. Made certain the appropriate stuff go in this time.
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Yeah, suck that stuff out. MAKE sure YOU put IN ATF FLUID. No "normal" strength steering fluid. BMWs use ATF for the power steering. Go figure.

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They use ATF since it is a good hydraulic liquid (how do you point an auto tranny shifts itself?) and also is a an excellent lubricant. It additionally stands as much as high pressures and temperatures. Hell, the ATF in my E28 M5 strength steering gets pressurized to end 2000psi to operation the brake booster!
Yeah, i"m in the procedure of swapping out my rack. The old PS liquid was black color water.Same question: walk it matter whether the ATF is synthetic or not?
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I don"t think you would think how lot H E A T is created in the oil system and / or the power Steering Rack. I have designed a mix PS and also OIL cooler for the E-36 and have finished together of critical week, extensive track testing. Because the OEM oil cooler costs about $1,000.00 plus labor and other parts, a combo oil and PS cooler because that under $700.00 is no a negative deal. Installs in about three hours, and also yes, if you"re interested, i can article pictures.
ive always have had actually this slim vibration in my steering wheel ever due to the fact that i swapped the end my motor. As soon as i walk that ns drained the ps resiveror. Anyways ns refilled it through normal powersteering fluid ive had the slight vibration for about 5k now. However its only as soon as i rotate right. Part nights its really bad some nights the ok. Must i drainpipe out the bottom that the rack and the res. And also refill it v some atf native mobil 1. You guys think ns didnt rest something. Factor being is cuz ive always had this slim ps leak native a faulty clamp. But now i typical i have to take it significant huh. Many thanks for the details anymore information would be appriciated
Dont worry about it.. Its very COMMON because that the black color to leach the end of the lines, which, as soon as teamed through the red atf, create this murky fluid... Still functions fine though. Most of the M3s will, in not lot time, build this scenario. So lengthy as youre no leaking, the hoses are still ok. Ns wouldnt worry about it until they start leaking... Which many of them do eventually.
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I did mine critical weekend using a suction gun, operated ok to get the stuff out. I changed it with Mobil 1 ATF because I used that in the tranny of the car too. Similar to stated above, rinse and also repeat until cherry red. Took all of 20mins.Rob
I just picked up some consistent old "Advance Auto Parts" brand Dex 3 ATF because that my P/S. I know a lot of folks usage Synth ATF in the P/S and also it prolly can"t hurt, however is most likely overkill.
I don"t think you would think how much H E A T is produced in the oil system and also / or the power Steering Rack.I have actually designed a mix PS and also OIL cooler for the E-36 and have finished together of last week, substantial track testing. Because the OEM oil cooler costs about $1,000.00 plus labor and also other parts, a combo oil and PS cooler for under $700.00 is not a bad deal.Installs in about three hours, and yes, if you"re interested, ns can short article pictures.
ns RECOMMEND acquisition TO any LOCAL AUTO fix SHOP THAT has PS do the washing up MACHINE, girlfriend CAN conveniently SUB THE ATF because that THE PS fluid IN THE MACHINE. I offered ON MINE, TOOK about 4 QTS before THE fluid LOOKED actual CLEAN.

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Or just replace the leaky reduced hose (the factory clamps suck), usage a dremel to cut the old clamps off, empty/flush the fluid and replace it with a item of high pressure hose and also a pair of clamps.I usage Mobil 1 fabricated ATF and also a mix the Redline ATF (it was every I had left). As lengthy as that ATF it will occupational ok.-Justin
I usage Valvoline artificial ATF. It simply happened come be easily accessible when mine was low a while back. No idea if it"s any better than consistent ATF though.
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