which epidermal cell form is most nymerousa.)keratinocyteb.)melanocytec.)dendritic celld.)tactile cell

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Which cell features as part of the immune systema.)keratinocyteb.)melanocytec.)dendritic celld.)tactile cell

the epidermis proves a physical obstacle due largely to the presence ofa.)melaninb.)carotenec.)collagend.)keratin

skin shade is figured out by a.)the quantity of bloodb.)pigmentsc.)oxygenation level of the bloodd.)all the the above

the sensations of touch and also pressure space picked up by receptors.a.)the stratum spinosumb.)the dermisc.)the hypdermisd.)stratum corneum

which is no a true statement about the papillary class of the dermis?a.)it is greatly areolar connective tissueb.)it is many responsible because that the toughness the the skinc.)it consists of nerve endings the respond come stimulid.)it is highly vascular

skin surface markings that reflect point out of tight dermal attachment to basic tissues space called.a.)tension linesb.)papillary ridgesc.)flexure linesd.)dermal papillae

which of the complying with is not an epidermal derivative?a.)hairb.)sweat glandc.)sensory receptord.)sebaceous gland

an arrector chili musclea.)is associated with each sweat glandb.)can reason a hair to stand up straightc.)enables every hair to it is in stretched once wetd.)provides brand-new cells for continued growth of its connected hair.

the product the this form of sweat gland contains protein and also lipid building material that end up being odoriferous as an outcome of bacter action:a.)apocrine glandb.)eccrine glandc.)sebaceous glandd.)pancreatic gland

sebuma.)lubricates the surface of the skin and hairb.)consists of cabinet fragments and also fatty substancesc.)in overfill may reason seborrhead.)all the these

the preeminence of nines is useful clinically ina.)diagnosing skin cancerb.)estimating the level of a burnc.)estimating exactly how serious a cancerd.)preventing acne

all the following are functions of the skin except:a.)excretion of body wastesb.)insulationc.)protection from mechanical damaged.) website of vitamin A synthesis

the skin has two distinctive regions. The superficial layer is the _______ and the underlying connective tissue is the _____.

the many superficial great of the epidermis is the:a.)stratum basaleb.)stratum spinosumc.)stratum granulosumd.)stratum corneum

____ is a yellow_orange pigment uncovered in the stratum corneum and the hypodermis.a.)keratinb.)carotenec.)melanind.)hemoglobin

these cells create a brown to black color pigment the colors the skin and protects DNA from ultraviolet radiation damage.the cell are:a.)dendritic cellsb.)keratinocytesc.)melanocytesd.)tactile cells

the portion of a hair that tasks from the scalp surface is known as the:a.)bulbb.)matrixc.)rootd.)shaft

the ducts that _____ glands usually empty into a hair follicle however may also open directly on the skin surface

prevent desiccationprevents bacterial invasionprotects against thermal damageprotects versus UV radiation

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what problem is manufactured in the skin and plays a duty i calcium absorption in other places in the body?

free nerve endings (for pain, tempt), tactile corpuscles( because that touch in hairless skin), lamellar corpuscles (for pressure)