Each that the adhering to is a computer subsystem except a _____ .- warehouse subsystem- data subsystem- CPU subsystem- memory subsystem
All that the following are benefits of notebook computer systems EXCEPT _____ . - they room portable- you get an ext speed because that a reduced price- they take up little space- wireless Internet accessibility is straightforward to install
Which that the following is no a key characteristic connected with desktop computer computers as contrasted to notebooks?- A desktop computer requires more space.- A desktop computer computer is more tough to move around.- A desktop computer is an ext expensive. - A desktop computer computer is less complicated to expand.

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_____ gives high speed details processing by permitting a new set that instructions to start before the previous collection has to be finished.
A _____ performs the exact same kind that computational occupational that a CPU performs however is devoted to manage 3D graphics and also image and video processing.
Which the the complying with would you want to acquisition if you"re feather for much more than 100 GB that portable storage?
What is coming to be the most usual port ~ above a computer system system due to the fact that most peripheral devices affix to it?
Which of the complying with should you perform to ensure the integrity of her system?a.run decaying Defragmenterb.run disk Cleanupc.install software program upgrades and patchesd.All that the above
The job Manager offers information because that the windows Vista operating system about programs and also processes to run on your computer.

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Installing a 2nd hard journey in your system will have an immediate influence on mechanism performance if your device is storage bound.

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