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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mental Sunday - all Time Low-------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the live version, and also is slightly various from the studio version.

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Tuning: half Step under (Capo ~ above 2)Used a pack of YouTube videos the live performances to job-related out the exact chords.Chords used: Cadd9Cadd9 E boy 7Em7 A7A7 D7D7 E minorEm G+G D MajorDeb|--0----3----0----5----0----3----2--|

Eb MajorEb|--x----0----x----x----x----3----x--|Intro: Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9, A7A7Cadd9Cadd9 E boy 7Em7He wake up up from dreaming and also put top top his shoes Cadd9Cadd9Started making his way past 2 in the morning A7A7He hasn"t to be sober because that days

Cadd9Cadd9Leaning now right into the breeze D7D7Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees E minorEmThey had actually breakfast together, but two egg don"t last A7A7Like the emotion of what he needs Cadd9Cadd9Now this ar seems familiar to the D7D7She traction on his hand through a devilish grin E minorEmShe led him upstairs, she led him upstairs A7A7Left him dice to gain inG+G Cadd9Cadd9Forgive me, I"m make the efforts to uncover A7A7My calling, I"m calling at nightI don"t typical to it is in a bother, Cadd9Cadd9But have actually you checked out this girl?G+G Cadd9Cadd9She"s to be running with my desires A7A7And it"s driving me crazy, it appears Cadd9Cadd9I"m going come ask her to get married meCadd9Cadd9 D7D7Even despite she doesn"t believe in love, E minorEmHe"s established to speak to her bluffWho can deny this butterflies? Cadd9Cadd9They"re pour it until it is full his gut D7D7Waking the neighbors, unfamiliar faces E minorEmHe pleads though he triesHe"s only denied A7A7Now he"s dice to obtain insideG+G Cadd9Cadd9Forgive me, I"m do the efforts to find A7A7My calling, I"m calling in ~ nightI don"t median to it is in a bother, Cadd9Cadd9But have you viewed this girl?G+G Cadd9Cadd9She"s to be running through my desires A7A7And it"s driving me crazy, it appears Cadd9Cadd9I"m going to ask her to get married meE boy 7Em7 Cadd9Cadd9The next-door neighbors said she moved away G+GFunny how it rained every dayI didn"t think lot of it climate D MajorDBut it"s starting to all make sense E minor 7Em7 Cadd9Cadd9Oh, I can see currently that every one of these clouds G+GAre following me in my desperate endeavor D MajorDTo uncover my whoever, wherever she may beG+GI"m not coming back Cadd9Cadd9I"ve excellent something therefore terribleI"m terrified to speak A7A7But you"d suppose that indigenous meI"m blended up, I"ll it is in blunt, now the rain isCadd9Cadd9 G+GWashing you out of mine hair and out of my mindKeeping an eye top top the world, Cadd9Cadd9 A7A7From so many thousands of feet off the ground, I"m over you currently Cadd9Cadd9I"m at home in the clouds, towering over your head Cadd9Cadd9I guess: v I"ll go home now... D7D7I guess I"ll go home now... Cadd9Cadd9I assumption: v I"ll go house now...

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