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Episode #2.2

1h - an ominous guest native the first season the Charm institution pays a surprised visit come the ladies and “drills” castle on the finer point out of teamwork.

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Episode #2.3

1h - The girl attempt to makeover three of their fashion-challenged classmates. However when the rules space “slashed,” they have to be ready to shine even under the nastiest that circumstances.

Episode #2.4

1h - The women team up for your toughest an obstacle yet – come create, style and also showcase a tape for renowned manager of The Police, miles Copeland. But prior to the an initial note is played, the girls are already playing each other.

Episode #2.5

1h - The nine remaining ladies have to put their etiquette lesson to the test by to chat a Duchess. But when presented with a lengthy and demanding imperial protocol, the girl realize they space “royally” screwed.

Episode #2.6

1h - Sharon treats the girl to few of the finer points in life -- a wine, cigar, and liquor tasting. However, an instant breathalyzer proves that moderation is a word some of these ladies fail come understand.

Episode #2.8

1h - After critical week’s blow out, the girls room in dire require of a lesson in anger management. The last six have to tap into their an innovative sides and take their negative emotions to the stage.

Episode #2.10

1h - A hilarious look back at every the wild and crazy moment from absent of Love Charm School!

Episode #2.11

1h 15min - In the season finale, the last three girls compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood -- a an obstacle made all the more complicated when they space paired with adversaries from your past.

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Episode #2.12

1h - Sharon and the ladies will go over previous beefs and triumphs, and also we'll obtain a look at what the graduates have actually been increase to because taping wrapped.



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