You might have seen a word problem that asks girlfriend to ring to the nearest mile or the nearest dollar. This are examples of round off to the nearest whole number.

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The nearest entirety can also be thought of together the people place. Let"s look in ~ our location value chart.
Notice the the ones location is come the left of the decimal point.Let"s inspect out some examples of round off to the nearest whole.Example 1:
Sheila spent $156.87.Round this come the nearest dollar.Step 1: locate the ones place.$156.87Step 2: usage the number come the best to determine if you round up or continue to be the $156.87The 8 tells united state to ring up the 6 come a 7.Step 3: Rewrite the answer finishing in the people place.$157Does our answer make sense? round off to the nearest dollar is really just asking, "Is $156.87 closer to $156 or $157? the is only 13 cent away from $157. So it is absolutely closer come $157. Therefore, this would certainly be our answer when we round.Example 2: Kyla finished the gyeongju in 28.9995seconds. Round to the nearest seconFirst, let"s use typical sense. Is 28.9995 closer to 28 or 29? We understand it is closer to 29 seconds. Now let"s show it v our steps.Step 1:Locate the ones place.28.9995Step 2: usage the number come the right to recognize if you ring up or stay the same.28.9995Notice that the number is over 5, so we round up.Step 3: Rewrite the answer ending in the ones place.About 29 secondsExample 3: Fido, the dog weighs 57.221pounds. Ring this to the nearest pound.(Think around it first: go Fido weight closer come 57 or 58? We deserve to see the is closer to 57! currently let"s prove it through the math.)
Step 1
: locate the persons place.57.221Step 2: use the tenths ar to assist round.57.221Since the number to the ideal is less than 5, us leave itStep 3: create out the rounded answer.57 poundsExample 4:19.831centimeters rounded to the nearest centimeter.(Again, think: is this closer come 19 cm or 20 cm?)Step 1: situate the ones place.19.831Step 2: use the tenths ar to aid round.19.

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831Here, the 8 tells us to round the 9 as much as a 10. As soon as this happens the 19 rounds approximately 20.Step 3:20Let"s Review: When asked to ring something to the nearest dollar, minute, second, etc. We space really gift asked to ring to the nearest people place. Usage the tenths location to aid you identify whether the ones location will round up or stay the same. Be certain to fall off every numbers after ~ the decimal point when composing your last answer.
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