I"d prefer to discover a place to save stuff while I"m out adventuring, there is no spending 5000 ~ above a residence (at least, till I can afford that...). Where can I safely keep items there is no worrying around them disappearing?

There room two feasible places that involved mind, Gerdur"s house (to i beg your pardon I have the key and was told I could stay), and also the tiny bedroom provided to me in ~ the college of Winterhold (which i was told was mine, regardless of seeing J"zaro sit in it later). Deserve to I save items for sure in one of two people of these places?

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Places you have the right to safely keep your item include any houses friend buy, your companion(s), and also your horse.

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Places considered to be owned by girlfriend (and thus contain for sure containers) are (spoiler warning):

Arch-Mage quarters (after you end up being Arch-Mage) The Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (After you"ve perfect the Dark Brotherhood quest line)

I have actually personally stored item in mine apprentice quarters in the university of Winterhold without problems, yet others have had actually stuff go missing from there, so be careful.

Other containers may not be safe. Given what some various other answers have actually said, Gerder"s house does not seem prefer a safe place for irreversible storage.

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The Skyrim hand-operated states:

WARNING! carry out not leave points in containers you perform not own! They may not be there as soon as you come ago for them. Buying a house is one way of owning containers.

I, and also Doug, have additionally stored items in the room assigned come you at Winterhold College and also it shows up safe.

EDIT: As proclaimed in the comments below, the Winterhold university room is not safe. It simply seemed safe to me in ~ the time as soon as the video game was an extremely new.

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I had actually my item disappear indigenous a barrel in the Companions hall, and also from my room in the College, for what that worth.
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Your finest bet is to acquire a house. If you need additional an are now, maybe try storing the items in your steed or companion, or shot out those two locations you stated with miscellaneous inexpensive. Watch if it disappears.

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From the UESP Wiki, "Containers - safe Containers":

Containers may be safe for one of two reasons. Part container species are set to be non-respawning — containers the that kind will never respawn, no matter where the container is found. Various other containers space safe because of their ar — some locations, in details the player"s houses, are identified as non-respawning locations. Every containers in this safe locations (even typical Barrels and also Sacks) have the right to safely be provided for storage.

The ff. Are safe containers because that storage:

Child"s Chest - a component of child"s bedroom . It will certainly be north if girlfriend haven"t embraced any children. Your kids may collect assorted things and also store them in their chest. Your older weapons, clothes and also dolls will be kept in it too, if you offer them a brand-new one. Your youngsters will restock it every few days. However, the original contents in the won"t disappear.Coffin - discovered in Halls that the Dead and also Vampire DungeonsCupboard - typical furniture in housesDresserEnd Table - most typically seen in housesPotRiekling Hut StrongboxWardrobe

From the UESP wiki"s "Containers - for sure Locations" article:

Safe areas are places that never respawn. Therefore, every container in the place (even a typical barrel or sack) is for sure for storage. The primary example of a safe location is a player-owned house, yet a huge number the other areas are also non-respawning. Unless listed otherwise on the location page, just the interior locations of these areas are safe — i.e., only regions the are gone into through a door the triggers a loading screen, and have their very own map, different from the exterior map.

In a couple of instances, there may be quest-related changes to the place (as noted on the individual place page), but otherwise the game does no modify the materials of a safe location.

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The adhering to are safe areas for warehouse (from the UESP Wiki):

These are locations that never ever respawn, and also therefore none of the containers instantly reset. Any type of quest-related changes to the place are detailed on the location page. Note that individual containers in other locations may additionally be safe for storage.

Abandoned house Angarvunde Angi"s Camp Anise"s Cabin Arkngthamz Avanchnzel blind Cliff cavern Breezehome broken Oar Grotto Bthardamz Calcelmo"s Laboratory, Understone KeepCalcelmo"s Tower, Understone KeepCracked Tusk KeepDark Brotherhood SanctuaryDarklight TowerDawnstar SanctuaryDimhollow CryptDustman"s CairnDwemer Museum, Understone KeepForebears" HoldoutFroki"s ShackFrostmere CryptGeirmund"s HallGlenmoril CovenGoldenglow EstateHarmugstahlHelgenHelgen KeepHeljarchen HallHillgrund"s TombHjerimHoneysideInner Sanctum (Vale)IrkngthandIronbind BarrowJaphet"s FollyThe KarthspireThe KatariahKorvanjundLabyrinthianLakeview ManorThe MiddenMistwatchMzulftNightcaller TempleNightingale HallNilheimNorthwatch KeepPotema"s CatacombsProudspire ManorThe Ragged FlagonRagnvaldRannveig"s FastReachcliff CaveReachwater RockRuunvald ExcavationSaarthalSea CaveSinderion"s field LaboratorySnow Veil SanctumSouthfringe SanctumStatue come MeridiaStillborn CaveTower of MzarkUstengravValthumeVlindrel HallWindstad ManorWreck of the IcerunnerYngol BarrowYngvildYsgramor"s tomb