NIMS ICS 100.HCb indict • • • • • • • • • • • • ••This packet has the NIMS 100 examine Guide and the Test concerns for the NIMS 100 final exam. Please review the examine Guide. Next, take the paper test - record your answers on the file test so that once you go online, you deserve to transfer her answers to the online final exam. Take the digital Exam: click our Intranet icon: (e web Explorer). Enter the web attend to click “Take final Exam” and follow the directions. Get in either your exclusive email address or the Edward address: As shortly as you complete the test, girlfriend will receive a confirmation (if you have actually passed the test). Save this confirmation, in addition to your file test until you receive the Certificate that Completion. The email containing the Certificate will arrive in roughly 2 days. The heading top top the email will certainly say “Independent Study.” Download the certificate for her files. This is the Certificate that us will need to confirm her NIMS 100 certification. Front the email containing your email certificate come the Edward NIMS get mailbox or hand supply a copy come Monica Schramm, second floor education Center, top quality Suite.If you carry out NOT obtain your Certificate in 2 business days, please contact FEMA in ~ 301-447-1200.For any other questions, call Brenda Carlevato, Manager, Accreditation & Emergency Preparedness at ext. 73876Rev. March 2012 NIMS ICS-100HC.b arrival to ICS for Healthcare/Hospitals catastrophes can strive anytime, anywhere. That takes plenty of forms – a hurricane, one earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an plot of terrorism. An occurrence can construct over days or weeks, or hit suddenly, without warning. Every year, millions of Americans confront disaster, and its terrifying consequences. Given the size of these varieties of incidents, it’s no always feasible for any kind of one company alone to take care of the management and source needs. Partnerships are frequently required among local, tribal, State and also Federal agencies, and nongovernmental and private-sector organizations. A poorly regulated incident solution can be devastating to our economy and also our health and also safety. As such as partners, we should respond together in a seamless, coordinated fashion making use of the same terminology and approach. ~ above February 28, 2003, the president issued Homeland security Presidential Directive 5, “Management of residential Incidents” which command the Secretary the Homeland protection to build and administer a national Incident administration System (NIMS) NIMS provides: A consistent, nationwide design template to enable Federal, State, tribal, regional governments, nongovernmental organizations, and also the exclusive sector to work together to prevent, safeguard against, answer to, recuperate from and also mitigate the effects of incidents, regardless of cause, size, ar or complexity. A core collection of concepts, principles and also terminology for event command and multi-agency coordination. The five key components the NIMS include: Preparedness: NIMS preparedness includes a consistent cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, assessing and acquisition corrective action. Communication and Information Management: NIMS disclosure the usage of functional communications and information solution that permit all emergency administration and solution partners come establish and also maintain a common operating photo of the incident. Resource Management: NIMS defines standardized source management methods such together typing, inventorying, organizing, and tracking. This practices allow for reliable sharing and also integration of an essential resources throughout jurisdictions. Command and also Management: The NIMS Command component permits effective and also efficient occurrence management and also coordination by providing a flexible, standardized incident monitoring structure. Continuous Management and also Maintenance: The FEMA national Integration facility provides strategic direction, oversight, and coordination of NIMS. ICS (Incident Command System)? Q1 ICS is a standardized strategy to incident monitoring that is applicable for usage in every hazards allows a coordinated response among various jurisdictions and functional organ Establishes usual processes because that planning and managing resources allows for the integration the facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures and also communications operation within a typical organizational structure. Rev. March 2012 Was developed in the 1970’s adhering to a collection of catastrophic fires in California, where weaknesses identified had Lack of accountability; unclear chain the command and also supervision bad communication; conflict codes and terminology lack of one orderly, methodical planning procedure No common, flexible, pre-designed administration structure to manage workloads effectively No pre-defined techniques to integrate interagency demands into efficient structure and also planning procedures ICS have the right to be offered to manage any kind of incident, including a plan event. The usage is applicable come all risks including: Q2 organic Hazards: Disasters, such as fires, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, earthquakes or epidemics technical Hazards: Dam breaks, radiological or hazmat releases, or strength failures Human-caused Hazards: Criminal or terrorist acts, institution violence or other civil disturbances ICS Features and Principles Q3, 4, 5 ICS is based upon proven management principles. ICS incorporates a wide selection of management features and also principles, start with the usage of common terminology and clear text. ICS help ensure full utilization that all event resources by: * maintaining a manageable span of regulate * developing pre-designated event locations and facilities * Implementing source management techniques * Ensuring combined communication The capability to communicate within the ICS is absolutely critical. During an incident interaction should be in level English and clear text. Carry out not use radio codes, institution-specific password or jargon. Command definition Q6, 7, 8 NIMS defines command as the plot of directing, notified or controlling by virtue of explicit statutory, regulatory, or delegated authority. At an event scene, the occurrence Commander has actually the government to assume command Chain the command is one orderly line of authority within the ranks of the incident management organization. The chain of command: * allows an incident manager to direct and also control the actions of every under his or her supervision * prevents confusion by requiring the orders circulation from supervisors * walk not protect against personnel native directly interacting with each other to ask for or share details Unity of Command Q9 Under unified of command, personnel report to and also receive occupational assignments from just one ICS supervisor. The event Commander is the primary human in charge at the incident. In addition to managing the event scene, the or she keeps officials in the firm groups informed and also up to date on all important matters related to the incident. Q10 The ICS power structure of command should be maintained, and also not also executives and an elderly officials have the right to bypass the system. Firm executives or other an elderly officials room accountable because that the incident. These individuals have the government to make policy decisions, walk resources, obligate funds and obtain the resources crucial to defend lives and also property.Rev. March 2012 The EOC (Emergency work Center) is A physical location. Staffed v personnel trained for and authorized to stand for their agency/discipline. Equipped with mechanisms for interacting with the incident site and also obtaining resources and potential resources. Regulated through protocols. Applicable at various levels of government. Every incident must have an Incident activity Plan (IAP) that: specifies the incident missions States the tasks to be perfect Covers a mentioned timeframe, referred to as an operational duration May be dental or written. The IAP has 4 elements * What execute we desire to do? * who is responsible for doing it? * how do we connect with each other? * What is the procedure if someone is injure expectations of Control comes to the number of individuals or sources that one supervisor can manage effectively during an incident. Effective span of control on incidents may differ from 3-7, and a proportion of one supervisor come 5 subordinates is recommended. In ICS, “resources” refers to personnel, supplies and equipment. Q11 during an incident, the is an important to know what sources are needed and also available, and also where deployed sources are located source Management contains processes for: Categorizing resources Ordering resources Dispatching (activating) sources Tracking sources Recovering resources integrated Communications Q 12, 13 A common communication arrangement is essential for ensuring that responders can connect with one an additional during one incident. Prior to an incident, responders have to work to ensure that communication equipment, procedures, and systems have the right to operate together throughout a response. This is referred to as interoperability. The response to the 9/11 assaults on the human being Trade center were hampered by an answer agencies operation on radios set to different frequencies Information and also Intelligence monitoring Q 14, 15 The evaluation and sharing of information and also intelligence is an essential component that ICS. Incident management must create a process for gathering, sharing, and managing occurrence related information and intelligence Intelligence contains operational information that may come indigenous * threat assessments * Threats including potential because that violence * surveillance of disease outbreaks * Weather forecasts * structural plans and also vulnerabilitiesRev. March 2012 Accountability Q 16, 17, 18 effective accountability of sources at all jurisdictional levels and also within individual functional areas during event operations is essential. Accountability includes: * resource check in/check out steps * Incident activity Planning * unified of Command * an individual Responsibility * span of control * source Tracking All cases require some kind or record maintaining ICS documents or must be standardized, legible, with date and time composed on all forms and also all blanks filled in; use N/A as appropriate There are 5 major management functions that are the structure upon which an incident administration organization creates (Incident Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance and Administration). This functions apply to occurrences of every sizes and types, consisting of planned events and emergencies that occur with warning. The occurrence Commander: Has overall responsibility for controlling the occurrence by creating objectives, to plan strategies, and implementing tactics. The occurrence Commander is the just position that is always staffed in ICS applications. On tiny incidents and events, one person, the incident Commander, may achieve all management attributes The occurrence Commander create those part that space needed. If a ar is not staffed, the incident Commander will certainly personally manage those functions. Ensures as whole incident safety offers information services to internal and also external stakeholders, such as firm executives and an elderly officials Establishes and maintains liaison with various other agencies participating in the occurrence As an incident grows, the event Commander may delegate government for power of specific activities to the Command Staff and the general Staff. The incident Commander will include positions just as needed. Command Staff: Q 12, 19, 20 Public information Officer, serves together the conduit for information to internal and also external stakeholders, consisting of the media security Officer, monitors safety conditions and also develops procedures for ensuring the security of all solution personnel. Liaison Officer serves as the primary call for supporting agencies assisting in ~ an incident. Basic Staff: Q 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 procedure Section chief develops and implements strategy and also tactics to lug out the incident objectives o Organizes, assigns and also supervises the an answer resources. Planning ar Chief o Collects, evaluates and displays event intelligence and also information o Prepares and documents Incident action Plan o Tracks resources assigned come the event o Maintains occurrence documentation o develops plans for demobilization Logistics section Chief o Ordering, obtaining, preserving and accountancy for crucial personnel, equipment and also supplies Rev. March 2012 o Providing communication planning and also resources o setting up food services and responders o setting up and maintaining incident infrastructure o providing support transportation o offering medical solutions to event personnel Finance/Administration ar o Contract negotiation and also monitoring o Timekeeping o Cost evaluation o Compensation because that injury or damages to home o Documentation because that reimbursementRev. March 2012 TEST inquiries NIMS ICS-100.HC.b 1. The occurrence Command device (ICS) is: a. A standardized strategy to incident management that is applicable for usage in all hazards b. A relatively brand-new approach created based upon the class learned native the 9/11 terrorist attacks c. A military device used in residential incidents to ensure command and also control that Federal sources d. Most applicable come the monitoring of complex incidents that expand over numerous hours or days 2. The event Command system (ICS) is a viable applications in all of the following situations, EXCEPT: a. The planning and also operation that a neighborhood festival b. A hostage case at a local financial school c. The oversight of a jurisdiction’s annual budget d. A hazardous materials release ~ a train derailment 3. Once communicating, ICS requires the usage of: a. Level English b. Agency-specific password c. Radio codes d. Technological language 4. When communicating, ICS calls for that responders do NOT use: a. Plain English b. Clear text c. Firm or radio codes d. Typical terminology 5. ICS facilitates the capability to connect by using: a. ICS-specific password b. Acronyms c. Typical terminology d. NIMS lexicon 6. Command is: a. Directing, ordering, or regulating by virtue of explicit statutory, regulatory, or delegated government b. Based on the number of individuals or sources that one super can manage effectively throughout an incident c. The capability to control information exchange within and throughout organizations affiliated in an incident d. Presume by the individual who is the highest possible ranking human being on the step regardless of experience or maintain level 7. Pick the FALSE declare below: a. Chain that command enables an occurrence Commander come direct and also control the plot of all personnel under his or her supervision b. Chain of command avoids confusion through requiring the orders flow from supervisors Rev. March 2012 c. Chain of command restricts personnel to connecting or share information external their organizational units d. Chain the command needs that all task assignments and direction come from the individual’s supervisor in ~ the incident scene 8. Which section is INCONSISTENT with ICS chain that command principles? a. The on-scene Public info Officer (PIO) is gift assigned tasks by both the company executive’s press secretary and the incident Commander b. Members indigenous one strike team warn the members of a second strike team about hazardous road conditions ahead c. Request for added resources room being communicated from the Task pressure Leader to the Operations section Chief d. After ~ the Planning ar Chief assembles the Incident activity Plan, it need to be authorized by the incident Commander 9. What does unity that command mean? a. There is only one event Commander per occurrence b. Tactical direction is provided by the company executive c. Responders obtain assignments just from a remarkable within their home firm d. Personnel report to only one ICS super 10. Choose the FALSE explain below: a. The event Commander may request aid from the Emergency Operations center (EOC) to obtain needed sources b. Supervisors are responsible because that recording and also reporting alters in resource status c. Agency executives may assign added resources that have actually not yet been requested by the occurrence Commander d. Source management should include procedures for recovering and demobilizing sources 11. In ICS, the ax “resources” ad to every one of the complying with items, EXCEPT: a. Tools b. Resources c. Personnel d. Provides 12. Pick the FALSE statement below: a. A usual communications plan is essential for ensuring that personnel can interact with one another during an occurrence b. Prior to an incident, solution partners should work with each other to certain that interaction equipment, procedures, and also systems deserve to operate with each other c. During an incident, the Liaison Officer is responsible because that ensuring flow of interaction within the ICS organization d. Integrating communications can it is in as straightforward as making sure you have present phone numbers of all vital players 13. Interoperability means: a. Neighboring jurisdictions all purchase the same form of interactions hardware and software b. Communication equipment, procedures, and also systems have the right to operate together during a an answer c. Personnel from various jurisdictions deserve to all carry out the same tasks using the very same protocols d. A solitary plan is offered to direct the tactical assignments through the Operations ar Rev. March 2012 14. The analysis and share of information and intelligence is an important component of ICS. All of the adhering to are instances of operational details sources, EXCEPT: a. Hazard assessments b. Monitoring of an illness outbreak c. Weather forecast d. Unsubstantiated media reports 15. TRUE or FALSE: The analysis and sharing of information and also intelligence are an essential component the ICS: a. True b. False 16. TRUE or FALSE: All events require some type of recordkeeping. Demands vary depending on the agencies involved and also the nature that the incident: a. True b. False 17. Choose the FALSE explain below about completing ICS records or forms: a. Publish or type all entries b. Go into date and time on all forms and also records; use neighborhood time c. Fill in every blanks; use N/A as proper d. Protect against using military 24-hour time 18. Once completing ICS records or documents, you should follow every one of the below guidelines, EXCEPT: a. Fill in all blanks by using N/A as suitable b. Publish or form all entries c. Develop your own distinct reporting formats d. Get in the date and time on all forms and also records 19. Every one of the following are Command staff positions, EXCEPT: a. Liaison Officer b. HazMat Officer c. Safety and security Officer d. Public info Officer 20. Members of the Command employee are described as: a. Policemans b. Deputies c. Chiefs d. Director 21. Which section is responsible for emerging plans for maintaining incident documentation? a. Operations section b. Logistics ar c. Planning ar d. Finance/Administration ar 22. You room working to track the standing of all sources assigned come the incident. What ar are girlfriend in? a. Operations section b. Planning section c. Logistics ar d. Finance/Administration ar Rev. In march 2012 23. The Logistics section Chief is responsible for all of the complying with activities, EXCEPT: a. Providing interaction planning and resources b. Setup up food services c. Setting up and maintaining incident infrastructure d. Directing tactical activities to achieve the incident missions 24. The occurrence Commander depends on the Logistics section Chief to: a. Straight tactical tasks to attain the incident objectives b. User interface with to represent from assisting and coordinating organ c. Construct the Incident action Plan d. Administer facilities, services, and also material assistance for the incident 25. I beg your pardon of the adhering to Sections is responsible because that contract negotiation and monitoring? a. Operations section b. Finance/Administration ar c. Planning ar d.

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Logistics SectionRev. March 2012