In Shirley Jackson"s "The possibility of Evil," what does miss Strangeworth discover odd around people in the town? Please offer examples.
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In Shirley Jackson"s "The opportunity of angry ," miss Strangeworth at first seems a gracious and also polite woman in the town whereby she flourished up. Her family has been a part of this community due to the fact that her grandfather developed the wood mill, more than a hundred years ago. Miss...

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In Shirley Jackson"s "The opportunity of Evil," miss Strangeworth at an initial seems a gracious and polite woman in the town wherein she grew up. Her household has to be a part of this community due to the fact that her grandfather constructed the wood mill, more than a century ago. Miss Strangeworth is a consistent fixture in town, regularly speaking to tourists, and greeting everyone she meets as she is out walking.

When she beginning the grocery keep on this particular day, she is greeted by Tommy Lewis, the grocer, who she prospered up and spent time with consistently at school functions. Below the leader learns is given the very first indication the she is no as lovely as she very first seems, and it sheds brand-new light on her character: miss out on Strangeworth is a snob—

...but the job young Lewis left high school and also went to work-related in the grocery, miss Strangeworth had actually stopped calling that Tommy and also started calling the Mr. Lewis...

It is likewise inferred that Mr. Lewis taken that the connection had readjusted in the he never used her provided name anymore, yet addressed she as miss Strangeworth.

Upon meeting this morning and also observing Mr. Lewis carefully (Miss Strangeworth is really great at that), she finds that he is acting oddly. Normally so "chipper," she sees that he look at worried and also tired, and he is remarkable silent. That is likewise forgetful, together if he has something top top his mind—Miss Strangeworth has to remind the to include her tea, which she purchase every Tuesday.

We find the factor for Mr. Lewis" problem later in the story once we learn of miss out on Strangeworth"s evil actions with the anonymous letters that she writes come members of the community.

Miss Strangeworth never concerned herself v facts; her letter all faced the an ext negotiable ingredient of suspicion.

Whenever miss out on Strangeworth consciousness the possibility that evil, she write a letter through her unfounded suspicions.

Mr. Lewis would certainly never have imagined for a minute that is grandson can be lifting petty case from the store register if he had not had actually one of miss out on Strangeworth"s letters.

Notice use of the word "might."

Miss Strangeworth find the habits of another person in ~ the save acting oddly. Though miss Strangeworth and Mrs. Harper room on a first-name basis, their interaction is brief and also polite. Adela Strangeworth notices that Mrs. Harper"s hand shakes as she opens her pocketbook. Miss Strangeworth wonders if she has been watching out for she health. She notes that Mrs. Harper is obtaining older now and thought she might need a "good strong tonic."

"Martha," she said, "you don"t look at well."

"I"m perfectly every right," Mrs. Harper stated shortly.

Mrs. Harper leaves and Miss Strangeworth thinks:

Martha certainly did not watch well.

Later the reader when again discovers that no only has Miss Strangeworth decided to send Mrs. Harper a letter, but additionally that this will certainly not it is in the first letter Mrs. Harper has actually received:

After reasoning for a minute, made decision that she would certainly write another letter, maybe to walk to Mrs. Harper, to follow up the people she had currently mailed.

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In this brand-new letter, we find out the factor for Mrs. Harper"s unusually worried behavior. Miss Strangeworth writes, with a stubby pencil ~ above cheap colored paper, in block letters:

HAVE YOU uncovered OUT yet WHAT they WERE every LAUGHING around AFTER friend LEFT leg CLUB top top THURSDAY? OR IS THE mam REALLY constantly THE last ONE come KNOW?

Miss Strangeworth is anything yet what she outwardly shows up to be. She theatre havoc v the lives of anyone that comes under her notice. However, in the end, someone returns the favor.