The Sims 2: Apartment Life is the eighth and final development pack in the Sims 2 video clip game series.

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A flyer contained in later duplicates of The Sims 2: FreeTime growth pack and The Sims 2: Kitchen & bath Interior design Stuff load announced Apartment Life, which brings magic ago to the franchise and new features choose Sims" relationship with next-door neighbors inhabiting the very same apartment building, connecting with an NPC landlord, a new reputation system, and brand-new activities for publicly easily accessible lots.

Pre-release began on august 27, 2008, via the EA store.



This expansion adds a new pre-made neighborhood, Belladonna Cove, motivated by new York City. It features numerous apartments, and San Francisco"s Painted women townhouses. Other structures in this community include a trailer park, libraries, coffee shops and grocery stores in enhancement to numerous parks. Several of these too many showcase significant gameplay aspects not available in vault expansions or the core game. Over there is additionally a brand-new icon, as soon as there is a household living in an apartment building, there will certainly be a eco-friendly apartment icon over the house.

New interactions

This development adds multiple social interactions, consisting of "High Five", "Earthy Hug", "Fake Out", "Kiss Kiss Darling", and also "Tough Handshake". Kids have brand-new special interactions to use v their peers, as perform toddlers. Parental and adolescents can now likewise play "Peekaboo" v toddlers. Sims that all eras (except toddlers) deserve to participate in the "Classic Dance" or "Jump Rope".

Witches and also Warlocks

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This expansion gives Sims the opportunity to come to be Witches (female) or Warlocks (male), comparable to The Sims: Makin Magic. While play as a miracle being, Sims may choose to be Infallibly Good, Good, Nice, Neutral, Mean, angry or Atrociously Evil, each of which has a distinctive costume. A center may end up being a witch or warlock by building a strong relationship through an NPC magic user till the choice to inquiry the change becomes available.

Witches/Warlocks may use assorted magical objects, consisting of brooms and cauldrons. Spells might be cast by using details ingredients (i.e. Mystic Dust, Dragon Scales, Eye of Newt, Vipers Essence, Crystallized Moonbeams and also the essence of Light). These ingredients may be acquired in any of 3 ways: created in a cauldron, purchased native a Witch/Warlock NPC, or purchased in ~ the an enig Witch/Warlock lots.

A character"s alignment depends totally on the alignment that the spells that they cast. A good spell will move the witch or warlock in the direction of the "Infallibly Good" end while an evil spell will press the caster towards the "Atrociously Evil" side. Spell accessibility is established by the caster"s magic skill level and also alignment. Even the most experienced Infallibly great Witch will certainly be can not to cast any kind of but the single simplest evil spell. The many potent powers of an excellent and evil (such as Throne creation, zombification and revivification) room reserved solely for witches and warlocks top top the extreme ends that the good or angry alignments. A sim"s early stage alignment counts on the alignment of the witch or warlock that initiated them right into the magical mysteries.

Witches/Warlocks deserve to use details spells and also magic according to what stimulate of magic lock use. Angry magic users deserve to light fires, reason sickness, and also even bring zombies to life. Good magic users space able to develop happiness, placed out fires, and also bring the dead earlier to life. Good and evil magic users can each develop a "Throne that Light" and also "Throne the Darkness" respectively.

All Witches/Warlocks can develop potions and also cast "neutral" spells that permit them come teleport, frozen time, and also use a spell or potion that turns them earlier into humans. If the "Pets" growth is additionally installed, Witches and also Warlocks deserve to summon spectral cat familiars.

New objects and tools

Apartment Life add to a variety of playground objects, consisting of a jungle gym, playground slide, merry-go-round, and monkey bars. New furniture items include a Murphy bed, open up mic stand, rest dancing mat, rubbish chute, apartment mailboxes, vibrating bed, vending machines, witch-themed furnishings, in addition to new TV sets and a big fish tank.

Build mode adds new types of objects and also tools, such as spiral stairs, a brand-new elevator (this growth pack additionally includes all of the elevators from open up for company if it is no installed), built-in wardrobes, clearly shows ceilings, ducts, vents, and heating and cooling windows as well as the usual assortment of new wall, floor, garage door, and door styles. Brand-new modes of transport easily accessible are helicopters because that purchase and Witch brooms.

While the Sims space living in an apartment, just like university dorms, castle will just be may be to readjust the floors and also wallpaper within the apartment, and also place miscellaneous build Mode objects prefer marble columns. Also brand-new with Apartment Life is the ceiling. A new 45 degree angle see in develop mode will make it possible to see the Sims" ceiling which have the right to be extended in the floor brick of the player"s choice.

New NPCs

New NPCs include butlers, landlords, roommates and NPC neighbors. Once players relocate playable Sims into an apartment, NPC characters will move into the various other apartments if the player doesn"t move other Sims right into them.

Reputation meter

There is now a brand-new meter dubbed the reputation meter, i m sorry shows exactly how high the reputation of a center is, the an ext friendly the sim is with others, the higher it goes. Together the meter increases, the player benefit rewards which aid them with their occupation, aspiration, and living.

Life skills

Sims deserve to learn new life skills, they include Fire avoidance which makes them more quiet in a fire, Anger management which method they won"t continue to be angry at an additional sim for very long, Lifelong joy which to reduce the decline of platinum and also gold mood statuses, Physiology which way body an abilities increase quicker (due to a pest in the game all an abilities increase faster), and couple Counseling which means if a friend"s relationship is ~ above the rocks the communication "counsel" will certainly be accessible and her sim can repair the relationships.

Compatibility through other growth Packs

Players through both The Sims 2: Pets expansion pack and also Apartment Life will be able to have witch"s spectral cats, and with the Pets growth pack, the player deserve to have pets in the apartment. If the player doesn"t have Pets, "Lap dogs" will certainly be available for purchase in buy mode without the Pets growth pack.

Heating and cooling makes a distinction to a Sim"s temperature gauge if Apartment Life is played through The Sims 2: Seasons expansion pack installed.

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This growth pack provides Sims the opportunity to live in apartments in short or high rental districts, and permits for four user regulated families to be in ~ an apartment building. The player also has the choice to look because that roommates whom the player deserve to choose, yet not control. Once the player evaluate potential roommates the player is given a straightforward personality to help the player decide which roommate would ideal suit. Though roommates can"t it is in controlled, the player have the right to view a range that speak the player how satisfied lock are.