Process by which hereditary info is passed from cabinet to cabinet by splitting the chromosomes into two the same daughter cells. The threadlike nuclear product is divided.

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ProphaseThe an initial phase that mitosis whereby chromatin coils to kind visible chromosomes.
MetaphaseThe second stage of mitosis where the atom membrane completely disappears leave the chromosomes cost-free in the cytoplasm and they relocate to the equator that the spindle and also chromatids space each fastened by centromeres.
AnaphaseThe stage during which the centromeres split and also sister chromatids space pulled apart to opposite poles that the cell.
TelophaseFinal phase in Mitosis wherein the chromotids reach the opposite poles the the cell and also the two daughter cells come to be separated.
CentriolesA pair of cylindrical structures composed that microtubules the duplicate throughout interphase and also move to opposite end of the cells during prophase. (Found in animal cells)
CentromereCell framework that joins 2 sister chromotids the a chromosome.
ChromosomesThese frameworks contain the DNA.
GeneA segment the DNA situated on a chromosome and directs the protein manufacturing that controls a cabinet cycle.
Sister ChromatidIdentical halves of the duplicated parent chromosomes formed before the beginning of cell division. They are joined at the centromere.
SpindleThin fiber structure that forms in between the two poles or centrioles throughout prophase and shortens throughout anaphase, pulling the chromatids apart.
Cell CycleA facility series of continuous events consists of interphase and also mitosis.
Cell ReproductionCell division or mitosis
DNADeoxyribonucelic acid - a living substance that bring an organism's info code
CytokinesisThis follows nuclear division and this is the department of the cytoplasm.

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Cell DivisionThis takes ar in two phases, nuclear department and cytokinesis.
PhenotypeOutward appearance
GenotypeGene mix (WW)
MendleFather the Genetics
AlleleGene have actually two the these
Dominant traitVisible trait
Recessive traitGets spanned up (hh)
Punnett SquaresA tool provided to determine traits in offspring
Cancercells separating out of control