I have a mod that add to playable children in Skyrim. However, the playable kid races are various from the races that NPC youngsters use; they have various IDs, models and textures and also so on.

When I form help gyeongju 0 or aid "race" 4, the custom races don"t come up, so i don"t know the IDs of them. I desire to adjust some of the kids to the custom kid race so the they watch better, however I don"t know exactly how to acquire the IDs of those custom races.

Is there any console command that deserve to be offered to determine a gyeongju ID other than just using the GetIsRace command (which just tells friend if an gibbs is or isn"t a particular race)?


Never mind, ns figured the out. The race IDs weren"t showing up only due to the fact that the console couldn"t role up enough. I finished up opened the mod up in TESEdit and found the race IDs there so I can use lock in-game.

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First of all look in ~ the mod page (from where you downloaded it), if it no tell the race ID girlfriend can constantly use the command showracemenu to readjust your race. In showracemenu every the custom races and also cosmetics should appear normally.

Keep in mind the showracemenu have the right to swap your ability levels and magicka/health/stamina. Utilizing TGM prior to entering showracemenu need to make it less buggy. Yet you can then adjust it with "player.setav " if miscellaneous isnt together it should.


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