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"If You"re reading This" is a tune performed by American nation music artist Tim McGraw. The tune was very first performed at the Academy of country Music (ACM) awards, i beg your pardon were held in las Vegas, Nevada and also aired might 15, 2007 ~ above CBS. Shortly after McGraw"s live performance, numerous radio stations began playing a line of the song, raising it come a debut in ~ number 35 ~ above the Billboard Hot nation Songs charts indigenous unsolicited airplay. A remixed version of the live recording was later on released to radio together a single, overlapping Tim"s then-current single, "I need You", (a duet v wife faith Hill). In November 2007, "If You"re reading This" got to a peak of number 3 on the Billboard nation charts, ending up being McGraw"s forty-second peak Ten country hit overall. The song additionally peaked in ~ number 41 ~ above the Billboard warm 100.more »

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If you"re reading thisMy Mommas sittin thereLooks choose I only gained a one method ticket over hereSure great ICould offer you one more kissAnd battle was just a game we played as soon as we were kidsI"m laying under my gunI"m hanging increase bootsI"m up right here with God and we"re both watching end youSo put me downIn that open field out top top the leaf of townAnd understand my soulIs whereby my momma always prayedThat it would goAnd if you"re analysis thisI"m currently homeIf you"re analysis thisHalf method around the worldI won"t be thereTo check out the birth of our small girlI hope she looks favor youI hope she fights choose meStand up for the innocent and weakI"m laying down my gunI"m hanging increase bootsTell dad i don"t regret that I complied with in his shoesSo place me downIn the open field out top top the sheet of townAnd know my soulIs whereby my momma always prayedThat it would certainly goAnd if you"re analysis thisI"m already homeIf you"re reading thisThere"s going to come a dayWhen you"ll relocate onAnd find some one elseAnd that"s OKJust remember thisI"m in a far better placeWhere soldiers live in peaceAnd angels sing impressive graceSo lay me downIn that open ar out ~ above the sheet of townAnd recognize my soulIs where my momma always prayedThat it would goAnd if you"re analysis thisI"m already home

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Tim McGraw Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw (born might 1, 1967) is an American nation singer and actor. Numerous of McGraw"s albums and singles have topped the nation music charts with full album sales in overfill of 40 million devices in the US, making that the eighth best-selling artist, and the 3rd best-selling nation singer, in the Soundscan era.

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That is married to nation singer confidence Hill and also is the son of former baseball player Tug McGraw. More »