Hi, i am Adele, and also I have actually run a huge fancy dress shop in Essex, England, due to the fact that 1998. I'm happy to pass on my understanding to help others.

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Letter-related next are as soon as you give your guests a letter together a costume theme. This kind of party is fairly common and can make for some very interesting concepts for costumes.

How carry out You theorem a Letter-Related Parties

Allow guest to dress up in a costume concerned their initials (or just very first name if you want to narrow their choices).Ask guests to dress up in costumes pertained to your initials.Choose one or two letters the they have actually to uncover a connected costume for—this can be randomly chosen.

To it is in honest, as soon as you first send out your invitations, plenty of of your guests will certainly be very confused as to what you space asking. Ns would imply that in the invitation you do provide them a an excellent explanation. If her guests are confused, they might not also attempt to dress up, or worse, no attend her party. This short article will provide you lots of ideas for costumes beginning with the letter W. If you look in ~ the finish of this article, you will certainly see links to numerous other alphabet costume ideas. Why not print out this article to offer your guests some ideas?

If girlfriend have any other ideas, please placed them in the comment box, you will be help other people as well! have a terrific party!

Costume Ideas beginning With the Letter W

1. W G Grace

Famous English Cricketer, shown in old format cricket 'whites' and is specially well known for his extensive and bushy moustache and beard

2. Waitress

Standard uniform is a black color dress or white blouse and black skirt, topped v an apron and also a headdress. Sexy versions might be offered - view French Maid image.

For one American 1950s event, there room versions of the American Diner Waitress available.

Following the example set by the Playby Clubs with Bunny girls in the 60s, the is coming to be increasingly popular for some venues to have actually 'themed' waiting staff. These have the right to either tie in with the liked 'ambiance' the the to meet itself, or to support specialist theme nights. This may be a novel angle on a timeless theme - also the gents can gain involved, with the spoof 'Hooters' outfits for males on the market.

3. Where's Wally/Waldo/Wanda?

Originally the geeky personality in the red/white strip shirt and also glasses shed in the crowd, now a well-known literary personality costume - easily accessible in both male and also female, and also with a adjust of surname according come location.

4. Wednesday Addams

Daughter native the 'Addams Family' ('Wednesday's child is complete of woe'). The initial outfit to be an A-Line puritan-style black color dress with white sharp collar and cuffs. However, much against the soul of the initial character, there is also a 'sexy' version available (along with one for Morticia, her mother).

5. Wee Willie Winkie

Nursery rhyme character renowned for 'running v the town' to inspect boys and girls room asleep.. Lengthy white (or striped) nightgown with matching nightcap and candle on a candle-holder.

6. Wellington

British armed forces hero who beat Napoleon at fight of Waterloo in 1815.

7. Welsh Dragon

A red dragon costume, price of the Welsh nation. It shows up on the Welsh national flag. Rental option might be the only means around this unless you are an extremely artistic and can make your own.

8. Welsh nationwide Costume

Traditional costume, perhaps carrying love spoons, leeks etc.. The nationwide Day that Wales, celebrating your Patron Saint, St. David, is in march 1st.

9. Werewolf

Half man, half wolf. The man alters into the wolf-form during the time that the full moon. There space hairy werewolf costumes v body, mask, gloves etc. Yet it is straightforward to purchase items to consist of your very own costume. A great tip is to usage some theatrical hair and have hair coming the end of rips in shirts and also trousers etc.. Because that an icons party, a variation featuring the Micheal Jackson red jacket have the right to work fine (although technically is 'Thriller' character was a were-cat).

10. Western Hero

Cowboy outfits come in useful, v the occasional poncho additionally being required depending upon which Western film star is chosen. Examples of Wild West heroes could be The male With No name (Clint Eastwod) indigenous 'The Good, The Bad and also The Ugly', The Lone Ranger, Woody native 'Toy Story', Annie Oakley or (from the 1950s) The Cisco Kid. Friend could also explore a 'mash-up' such as Cowboy/Baby - Billy the Kid. There space costumes to purchase easily accessible online and also many items that you could purchase to make up your very own costume.

11. White Rabbit

Principal personality in Alice's Wonderland adventures; likewise a hat-dwelling magician's assistant or one Easter bunny.

12. White Lady

Popular surname for a mrs ghost and also sometimes the spectral harbinger of death. In German mythology, Bertha, the White Lady, steals into nurseries and also rocks babies to sleep, yet acts as a bogey-figure, to mark terror in cheeky children. Any type of white clothes will suffice, provided with make-up to create a deathly/deadly pale complexion.

13. White Queen

In the initial 'Alice with The feather Glass', the White Queen (a quite shambolic equivalent to the Red Queen) seems an ext elderly, put on a shawl and turns into a sheep later on in the story. In the Tim Burton 'Alice' she is slightly 'other-worldly', top the pressures of an excellent against the tyranny of the Red Queen.

14. White suitable Disco Dancer

As shown by john Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever', put on a white three-piece suit and either a black or pink shirt with vast collar.

15. Wicked Queen

The villainess in the snow White story, able to adjust from 'the most beautiful in the land' to the hag who hands eye a poisoned apple. Variatons on the an easy Disney angry Queen have actually recent been seen from Cherlize Theron (Snow White and also the Huntsman) and Julia Roberts (Mirror, Mirror)

16. Evil Witch of the West

17. Wild point

From the children's book by M. Sendek, 'Where the Wild things Are'. The look is comparable to a Gruffalo, but has a blue fur pet suit, grey balaclava v white bull horns. Grey Beard and make-up.

18. Will certainly Scarlet

Character that is often associated with Robin Hood. Doublet and also hose in scarlet or red shades, hat.

19. Wilhelm Brown

Hero of numerous stories written by Richmal Crompton (the T.V collection gave 'Minder' actor Dennis Waterman his an initial role). Wilhelm Brown and his gang have actually a special place in the remembrance of school days. Outfit is the standard scchoolboy in cap, blazer and also shorts.

20. Wilhelm Gladstone

(1809-1898) victorian Liberal element minister and also statesman.

21. William Shakespeare

(1564-1616) arguably the English speaking world's best known playwright. Doublet, stiff, lace collar, padded quick breeches, silk stockings, shoes v rosettes and a beard.

22. Wilhelm Tell

Folk Hero that Switzerland that defied the tyrant administrator Gessler, and was punished by having actually to shoot an apple indigenous his son's head. Regardless of successfully accomplishing this feat he to be captured. He climate escaped and also led a rebellion to command the Swiss to independence.

23. Wilhelm Wallace

Scottish hero, many recently illustrated by Mel Gibson in the 1995 film 'Braveheart'. Technically, tartan, which develops the basis of plenty of a Braveheart costume, didn't exist in his time, yet don't permit that stop you.

24. Willie Wonka

From Roald Dahl's publication 'Charlie and the chocolate Factory', the owner that the manufacturing facility in question. Shining Tailcoat and trousers, height hat, check waistcoat, bowtie or cravat and also a walking cane.

25. Winnie the Pooh

The 'classic' Pooh indigenous the publications by A.A. Milne and the Disney variation differ, but the Disneyfied look is currently the far better known. - a tubby gold bear through red coat . Friends through Eeyore (a donkey) and Piglet (a pig).

26. Teacher Winston Churchill

(1874-1965) The over-riding photo of Winston Churchill is the a huge man in a dark suit v balding hair and a large cigar.

27. Witch

The initial wicked woman. The costume is composed of hat, dress and also cape usually in black although various other colours can be added. Equipment can incorporate broomstick, black cat and also mini cauldron. Variations, such as the White Witch the Narnia or Elpheba, the green-skinned evil Witch of the West indigenous Oz room possible.

28. Witch Doctor

The shamanic healer in the tribes of equatorial countries. Typically wears a Grass Skirt, Fur/Animal publish waistcoat, amulets and possibly a mask. A witch-doctor-derived character appears in the Bond movie 'Live and Let Die'.

29. Wizard

Originally a costume mainly for males (and the counterpart to a Witch), yet times have changed thanks to Harry Potter and also others. Costume generally consists the hat and gown. Can additionally be used for 'Lord of the Rings'

30. Wolf

The woodland creature from the story 'Little Red talk Hood'. Can be:

A grey/brown fur suitWolf maskFace paintGranny-impersonation include nightdress. Mopcap and also glasses

31. 'Wobblies'

Larger than life characters, usually based on a hooped costume to develop a rotund look. The well-known British 'Russ Abbott' comedy program of the 89s/90s involved such 'wobbly' personalities as Fatman and Blunderwoman

32. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Famous timeless composer. Might be pertinent to an 'Eighties' party many thanks to the movie 'Amadeus' (1984).. Outfit consists of a common 18th Century ornate frock v lace jabot/cravat and also cuffs, breeches, leggings/socks. Could be accessorised v a white judge wig to finish the look. Could additionally be carrying a musical instrument. For Halloween a zombified version would it is in a De-composer'.

33. Womble

The Wombles to be litter-picking furry creatures indigenous Wimbledon Common, originally famous TV personalities from the 1970s but apparently collection to return to our screens in 2014. Many Wombles had actually 'geographic' names - Wellington, Orinoco, and so on and likewise included Uncle Bulgaria and also Madame Cholet. Outfits consists of large fur suits, through oversized head mask.

34. Walpurgisnacht

A spiritual celebration, ~ above the night of Mayday, and the spring counterpoint to Halloween. Witches are linked with this festival, but one can equally well job-related with a May-Queen or 'Green Woman' Gaia planet Mother character.

35. War & Peace

A design template that can consist that male and female uniforms, with army outfits varying in sizes and also colours. There room so many military based costumes top top the sector to fit all shapes and sizes.

36. Wet-Wear Event

Perfect because that summer, a wet wear occasion can consist of every little thing from rainwear, bathing suits and bikinis come 'tropical' outfits in our Hawaiian range, v accessories indigenous flower garlands come coconut bras.

37. Wheel the Fortune

The Goddess that Luck to be Fortuna. Offered the name, many civilization will think that a roulette wheel, and also indeed there is an outfit based on this concept called 'Spin to Win'. This can likewise be a layout based about fortune-telling or luck-based costumes - black color Cats, Leprechauns, Chimmney Sweeps, etc.

38. Wild Wig Night

With a wide range of wigs on the market, this have the right to be a funny themed event or a fund raiser event

39. Wonder Woman

Member that the Legion of Super-heroes, Wonder woman descended native the Amazonians and also is an enduringly renowned superhero/heroine character. We have actually a range of Wonder woman outfits, both sexy and also conventionall, to match your desired interpretation.

40. Woody

Toy Cowboy from the renowned Toy Story films. Deserve to be teamed v his friends, Buzz Lightyear or mr Potato head.

41. Worzel Gummidge

Talking scarecrow and also Children's favourite of the book and TV series, famed for being able to adjust his head! He have the right to be partnered by the waspish Skittle-doll Aunt Sally.

42. Writer

Simple idea, personalities could encompass William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens or mr Byron. Costume relies on human being in question.

43. WPC

Woman Police Constable - You have the right to either acquisition your costume or you have the right to put her costume together. There are lots of accessories on the industry to assist you to finish your outfit. Every you need as a base is a shirt and also black dress or trousers.

44. WAG

Otherwise known as 'Wives & Girlfriends' - initially a term offered to footballer's wives (and girlfriends). It is now connected with a lady who room 'high maintainence', nedding money to maintain their lifestyle. A great fun costume that you might easily placed together in ~ home, or usage an off-the-peg outfit such together the '5th path Girl/Holly Golightly' outfit featured near the begin of this hub.

45. Wilma Flintstone

Wife of Fred Flintstone. Put on a white dress and a necklace. She has actually orange/auburn hair typically piled increase on she head. Desn't job-related so well together a 'standalone' so ideally finest for a couple's costume, with Fred.

46. Woopie Cushion

A foamed novelty costume accessible to purchase in standard and also extra large sizes. Guarantee to acquire a laugh! Use with a high rasta-style hat and also dreadlocks, together favoured by a details American actress, gives you Whoopie Goldberg.

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I would certainly love to recognize what girlfriend think. If friend have any type of comments around this hub or if you can think of other costume ideas, just put lock in the box below. Many thanks

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Wheres Wally?

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Fun ideas - like the one about dressing up depending on your very own initials - clearly I'd involved your party together a jester! Once had a good New Year's eve dinner party whereby we gave all the guest really good masks.