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Anyone perhaps knows why it takes hours and hours come render 5:30min lengthy video. I have fx6300 and gtx660. I puted some impacts on the vids (sharpen and also magic cartridge looks). Ns tried to render using CPU only and RENDER using CUDA IF obtainable but tho nothing. Its slow as shit. Im rendering the vid right into my D drive wherein I have actually 600 gb free. On mine C drive where is sony vegas set up i have actually only 5gb free. Is it possible that the is leading to this excessive long render?


What space you using to cool the FX-6300 down? Make certain you don"t let that overheat v It"s stock cooler in operations prefer that. And also I think It"s greatly your render setups you need to tweak. You making use of 8GB lamb aswell right?

Depends top top the layout you space rendering that at. If you room rendering your video as .mp4 format, girlfriend will check out the rate differenceFrom an individual experience, I have a d drive together well and also regardless if you are transferring or producing a large paper into the drive, the whole system has tendency to sluggish down.
cnps10x is cooler and also temps arent greater then 35C once cpu intake is 99%. Yea I have actually 8gb ram. Before I tried to render 30sec video and it take it 8 min. Is it possible that i have actually to plenty of tracks? My video is 1680x1050 but im calculation it in 1920x1080. Http/
cnps10x is cooler and also temps arent higher then 35C when cpu intake is 99%. Yea I have actually 8gb ram. Before I tried come render 30sec video clip and it took 8 min. Is it feasible that i have to many tracks? My video is 1680x1050 yet im rendering it in 1920x1080. Http/
Transfer some documents from your c journey to your d journey to make room for that video clip you are rendering.If the renders faster to the c drive, that is simply the journey you are putting the file into
Yep, render it come the c drive.When moving to one more drive/partition, it is supposed to be slower (this is why D journey transfers take longer when saving files to them)There have the right to be other components why it might be slow.1.Disk fragmentation might be one cause. Operation a program called defraggler to defragment D drive and also see if the helps2.Run a virus scan on the d drive. Viruses can also could slower deliver speeds
Ok ty ill end up this render currently (2h left) and also ill try your recommendations as soon as its done. Will notify u if it works
Only one means to find out by trial and error it the end (if you didn"t allow it finish defragmenting, I suggest waiting till its done)That"s a an excellent amount exactly how much to be defragmented, should enhance performance overall

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What format is the original, enedited, video paper in? The original paper format can make a vast difference v rendering times. While ns agree that it would be a good idea to clear some space on the C: drive I"m not sure I agree v outputting the paper to the C: drive. However, it may be worth a shoot to check out if that is faster. Generally speaking that is no optimal to render to the same drive that the modifying program (in this instance Sony Vegas) is set up on. Room the resource files stored on drive C: or D:?