these days, the shelves are full of children (and periodically nieces and also nephews) of famed writers moving on the torches because that their well known parents. It’s not a new phenomenon, yet it’s booming. Penis Francis’ boy Felix began collaborating v his dad on novels, and also after his father passed away in 2010, Felix brought on — that is now provided as the sole writer rather 보다 the co-author on more recent books. Clive Cussler’s child Dirk Cussler is now the co-author on the more recent Dirk Pitt novels. Fans who avoid publications with a “Dreaded Co-author” seem more likely to pick up publications co-authored by a relative. My father is a huge Clive Cussler fan, yet he isn’t crazy with the collection written v less renowned co-authors. However, he has actually no problem with the Dirk Pitt novels co-written through Dirk Cussler. Ns sure numerous other fans feel the same way when the co-author has actually the exact same last name.

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Like Dirk Cussler, Todd McCaffrey has also carried on the family members torch. He collaborated with his mother, ann McCaffrey, ~ above Pern books, starting from about 2003, and also he has actually been noted as both single author and also co-author ~ above Pern books since, v the latest participation coming out in 2012. Prior to this, Todd released SF top top his own, together both Todd Johnson and Todd McCaffrey. Choose Todd, Brian Herbert to be writing prior to the fatality of his renowned father, candid Herbert, in 1986. Now, Brian is best known for co-authoring Dune sequels and prequels v Kevin J. Anderson. And in October that this year, ann Hillerman (Tony Hillerman’s daughter) will certainly be comes out v a brand-new Leaphorn and also Chee novel.

It’s easy to check out why both readers and also publishers prefer doing this. If you’re looking for a Dune book, you’ll find Brian Herbert’s books right in the same spot on the shelves. Some readers can pick increase the publications on the fly, not realizing they’re getting something written by a family member at first. This is no without the controversy. Exactly how do we recognize these household members are really writing these books? for example, Western author William W. Johnstone passed away in 2004, however his fatality was not confirmed for numerous years regardless of on-line speculation. Later books were released as “by william W. Johnstone and also J. A. Johnstone” and eventually published under the J. A. Johnstone name. Follow to the official Johnstone site, J. A. Johnstone is WWJ’s nephew, yet some reader speculate that these newer books are yes, really ghostwritten by other authors.

Some family members of authors compose in their own worlds, but in the same genre together their well known kin, and keeping their famous surname. Recent examples encompass Jesse Kellerman, boy of Faye Kellerman and Jonathan Kellerman; Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of mary Higgins Clark; and also Mary mrs Clark, previous daughter-in-law of mar Higgins Clark. Prefer their renowned relatives, these more recent authors all create mysteries. This deserve to backfire. Someone who doesn’t prefer Kellerman could pass up his son’s books as well. Bucking the tendency is Joe Hill — kid of Stephen and also Tabitha King. Rather than using his well known surname, he chose to compose under a pen surname (a short kind of his complete name, Joseph Hillstrom King). He kept his mystery for about a decade.

So it’s easy to see how an author with a similar name to a large name author can confuse readers at first. Is this a child? A cousin? A nephew or nephew? Or possibly it’s a brand-new pen name by the author? Heck, that could also be someone with the same last name. A July debut novel is shedding light on the “dark side” of publishing under a renowned name. Because that a while, I thought I to be trapped in a romance novel v a “Silly large Misunderstanding” plot.

This month, Big Girl Panties, the first book by writer Stephanie Evanovich come out in hardback native Harper Collins. This got the attention of pan of Janet Evanovich. Not just was this new author using the famed Evanovich surname, yet she likewise shared the first name that Janet Evanovich’s most famed heroine, Stephanie Plum. Was this a brand-new pen name? was this a co-author? Fans began asking about this, particularly on the Janet Evanovich Facebook web page (which is operation by Janet Evanovich’s daughter).

That’s when the plot take it its “Silly big Misunderstanding” twist. On Janet Evanovich’s facebook page, the first post in an answer to reader questions around Stephanie Evanovich said, “It appears there is an writer using the surname Stephanie Evanovich. Janet has actually no association with her work.”

The solution was as predictable as those publications where the hero look at the heroine hugging an additional man and doesn’t stay roughly long sufficient to find out it’s just her cousin. Support from fans. Posts around Morelli versus Ranger. Anger towards Stephanie Evanovich. Even suggestions the Janet Evanovich have to sue Stephanie Evanovich because that ripping her off. After all, this is the Internet. Trying come stem the birds of confusion, other posters stated that Stephanie Evanovich to be in truth Janet’s niece and not some type of imposter. Others remained dubious, or preserved calling Stephanie Evanovich “cheesy” and also “rude” and also the like. However both Publisher’s Weekly and the Heroes and also Heartbreakers site describe Stephanie as Janet’s niece. (The main bio of Stephanie Evanovich, which is on the Harper Collins webpage, walk not mention the relationship.) So man piled on peak of confusion. Any kind of moment now, I meant a romantic novel hero to storm the end of the room because he believed the heroine was sleeping with an additional man.

Later, another official short article went up, explaining, “Janet is not concerned Stephanie Evanovich Gaspich through blood. Evanovich is Janet’s married name. Us wish Stephanie the best in her writing career…” It then went ~ above to describe that Janet Evanovich wanted to make it clear the she and Stephanie Evanovich space two different authors due to the fact that she has always been clear about co-authored novels.

So whatever was clearing up, right? not really. The big Misunderstandings still retained going. Part fans speculated the Stephanie Evanovich was taking benefit of the Evanovich name. On optimal of that, at least one pan was upset at Stephanie Evanovich ‘s publisher because that “claiming” that the two authors were related. Part wanted to read the book, others thought there must only be one Evanovich. Again, i was thrust right into a Silly big Misunderstanding plot, and my heading to be spinning. Wait. Certain a large publisher like Harper Collins is no going come lie something favor this. So when is a relative not connected by blood? Oh, wait. I think I get it.

On her own Facebook page, Stephanie Evanovich resolved some that the man at one point, confirming that Janet Evanovich is her aunt — as Janet is married come Stephanie’s father’s brother. However, those posts seem to have actually fallen into web oblivion, conversely, the Janet Evanovich articles are appropriate there. Stephanie Evanovich is now married, so some fans have said the she should have published under the name “Stephanie Gaspich” instead. Come which ns say… Meh? many of women prefer to i announced under their maiden names, for a range of reasons. (Right off the top of mine head, I believed of P. D. James.) You can argue that she and her publisher are “cashing in” on her famous aunt’s name. Why not? You deserve to say the exact same for Dirk Cussler and also all the rest. Top top the other hand, it’s kind of tough to criticize someone because that publishing under her very own name. We also don’t recognize what component the publisher had in this. Go they suggest it? they would have actually been crazy to overlook the marketing potential that the Evanovich name.

I’ll recognize that I’m not nevessarily going to operation out and buy publications from loved ones using a well known last name as soon as they become writers. How countless of them would certainly have gained so much publicity fist if castle weren’t related to someone famous? I’ve shed track that how countless Tolkien loved ones are writing, and also now we even have a Dracula sequel co-authored by Dacre Stoker, the great-grand nephew of Bram Stoker. However heck, somebody’s surname is your name. Even if it’s a maiden name or a well known name. Certain Stephanie Evanovich has the best to publish under her surname if she desires to. For sure the publisher has the right to indicate it.

And what of authors who have the exact same surname as someone famous, however aren’t related? Some create through and use their surname. Others use a pen surname to stop confusion. The comes under to an individual choice, and also what the publisher recommends.

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It all made me wonder exactly how I’d react if I ended up being famous, and also one of my younger relatives released a book using the Marble surname. My very first reaction would certainly be “Yay!” As lengthy as the wasn’t called That crazy Woman through Too plenty of Books.