Wondering exactly how to craft Subnautica below Zero fiber mesh? This guide tells you everything you have to know around the do resource.

Subnautica listed below Zero fiber mesh is a crucial crafting component for several vital items in the game. When you deserve to craft it very early on, you likely won"t should for part time— it all counts on how quickly you room able to uncover item and also vehicle fragments in biomes close to her lifepod.

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Regardless, you"ll desire to know the ingredients because that Below Zerofiber mesh for this reason you can quickly develop the product when you need it.

How to craft Fiber Mesh in Subnautica below Zero


You"ll need 2x creepvine to handmade fiber mesh. Take it it come the fabricator in your lifepod or base, click the resources circle (very top of the list), climate click simple Materials one (very peak of the list). Then pick fiber mesh, i beg your pardon is the far-right circle on the top row.

It"s precious noting that creepvine isn"t to be confused with creepvine clusters, the pink bulbs attached to creepvine, which are supplied to craft silicone rubber and also lubricant, for example.

You can discover creepvine in any kelp woodland in the game. The the next kelp forest in the beforehand game have the right to be uncovered 80 meters southwest the the lifepod, just at the sheet of the Twisty Bridges biome. Other kelp woodlands can be found 160 meters southeast the the lifepod, and also 310 meters west the the lifepod.

You"ll need the survival knife to harvest creepvine. Technique the creepvine and slash it through your knife. You"ll gain 1x creepvine for each slash, and you have the right to harvest 4x creepvine from every harvesting node. Creepvine takes up 4 slots in her inventory.

It has been reported that Sea monkeys will sometimes lug creepvine roughly with them, simply as they perform table coral, though, in around 14 hours of play, I"ve yet to see them delivering any. It"s most reliable to simply reduced the creepvine yourself.

What is Fiber Mesh provided to Craft?

Fiber mesh is a vital component in the (very important) Rebreather, and the composite parts of the Cold Suite and O2 Tank. You"ll likewise need it for miscellaneous other craftables such as beds and parts the the Sea Truck.

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That"s all you have to know around how to handmade fiber mesh in Subnautica listed below Zero. For more on Unknown Worlds" survive sequel to Subnautica, consisting of other advice guides and our review, consider checking out the game"s hub page.