A/nOk I'm switching the bespeak of part episodes! i felt favor they were kinda out of order because in the season 2 premier they all have actually lower voices but in lost at sea castle talk around how they simply changed. Therefore ya! It's mine story and also I perform what ns want! additionally I recognize I save referring come the prince Jeffy episode due to the fact that I felt favor that would have a lot of attention in real life.

(Y/n) POV i don't know around you, yet my summer was an pure blast! oh my god ns did so much! ns didn't realize how huge the story had gotten, come the allude I had paparazzi complying with me everywhere. How is the legal ns don't know.

They room calling me the reverse Cinderella and also it's kinda different. Going native someone anyone fears come loves is hard.

How my family members is taking the brand-new found fame is different. My dad is ok v it since the media is portraying mom and him together the perfect parents who elevated their independent daughter. Lock are also getting i found it by record companies for their music. Cody is ok through it considering he was the brother who uncovered the loophole around how he tried to help save me. Baylee's family thanked me for offering them an ext business. London and I have been shopping and is helping me address the paparazzi. I've kinda dealt with them before I came to be 'famous' yet this is different.

The only person who isn't yes, really ok is Zack. Every summer lengthy he's been preventing me, and it kinda sucks to be honest.

But currently it's September and also that method school! five god I miss out on that stupid boat! I never thought I'd to speak that, yet I yes, really happy to walk back.

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Mom and dad couldn't make it to the delivery to drop united state off, therefore after we stated goodbye us made our way back right into the ship. I made certain my scrapbook to be packed in mine bag and we went on our way.

"You two ready?" ns smiled.

"I can't wAit," Cody voice cracked resulting in me to laugh. "WhATs therefore fUnny?"

"N-nothing" ns chuckled.

"It's no my FauLt!"

"I never ever said it was," i chuckled. "But it was still funny to see your voice cracks on live tv"

"Hey!" the yelled together I obtained our name tags.

"Codes look in ~ it prefer this. You. A senior. The center Martin triplet. The boy who discovered the loophole in my i ordered it marriage. Her a hero..... Execute you watch where I'm going v this?" i tried to spell it out for him.


I sighed, "Essay paper! This is the perfect essay to create to gain into your dream universe!" ns spelt it out for him together I smacked his sticker surname tag top top him prior to I put mine on.

He gasped, "Your right!"

"I constantly am" ns grinned.

I peeled Zack's sticker and tried to put it on him yet he snatched it out of my hands, "I can do it. Your no mom"

I increased a brow and also glanced at Cody who was likewise stunned by that small outburst. That was often he would certainly yell at Cody, however not me.

"Are girlfriend ok Zack?" Cody asked.

"I'm fine."

I furrowed mine brows, "You sure?"

"Geez I'm fine!" that yelled go away.

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We both were stunned as he walked away, "You know, i don't think he's fine"

"I agree through you Codes, the is not"


Cody and also I both dropped our bags turn off in our brand-new rooms and also met ago up at the skies deck.