Usually as soon as we walk to a distinct event, the tickets and also stubs obtain shoved in pockets, tossed top top the ground or offered as a bookmark. If you"re lucky enough to walk to a super Bowl, you"d be extremely advised no to do any type of of those things. In fact, happen an ideal toploader or something else to defend it the moment it"s scanned is strongly advised. Super key tickets and stubs have come to be highly collectible, fetching hundreds, if not thousands, the dollars.

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Super key Tickets background and Design

The popular of Super key tickets can be traced back to the huge following the the game itself. That has end up being a worldwide spectacle that generates few of the highest television ratings every year. Together such, actual game tickets room limited-edition pieces connected directly to the event. It"s perhaps the closest the average human can pertained to having a item of the super Bowl without something that was actually offered in the game.

When it comes to beginning a collection of Super key tickets, over there are several options. For luxury collectors v a big budget, complete tickets are definitely the method to go. Although quiet pricey, torn stubs have the right to be somewhat much more affordable for the mean collector also if they are not fully-intact examples.

Shop for Super key Tickets and also Stubs on eBay.

Despite illustration crowds numbering in the 10s of thousands every year, authentic Super bowl tickets and stubs are somewhat complicated to come by. That"s because so many were just tossed beside or thrown out. While sporting activities cards are normally undesirable through a folds going through the middle, collectors must be ready to take it what lock can gain with at an early stage Super key tickets, whether they"re torn, folded or crumpled.

Simply put, vintage ticket are incredibly rare and valued accordingly. Collectors can also go after ~ ticket sports as most years have various colored tickets and also price levels.


Given the huge amounts these tickets can sell because that on the secondary market, collectors might want to think about seeking out tickets and also stubs that have actually been authenticated and also graded through a business like PSA. Similar to sports cards, graded Super key tickets command premiums end ungraded options, and there are a couple of things come be conscious of once comparing tickets.

Main components that influence Value of Collectible Super key Tickets:Age.Condition.Game they come from.Grading and authentication.Full ticket or stub?

Collectors spring for an ext options beyond the variations for each ticket can inspect out Super key programs, which largely match the yearly design, or even Super key rings. There is likewise a large market for replicas of every ticket, consisting of gold or framed versions. While they don"t have the very same collectible value, Super key ticket reprints have the right to be one inexpensive method to obtain and display the full run the options. Team collectors can also celebrate details appearances for your favorite franchise with an ornate display screen piece. Return they space not authentic tickets, countless of these replicas have restricted production.

Below is a gallery highlighting every Super bowl tickets indigenous 1967 with 2021. Over there is only one instance for each Super key Ticket.

However, as displayed above, variations carry out exist.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Super key LV used mobile entry with digital tickets. Back the bulk of physical copies are replicas or commemorative editions, some official paper tickets were produced and issued.


Ultimate Super key Tickets Gallery and Checklist

Shop because that Super key tickets or examine completed sales price on eBay utilizing the attached listings and also images.