Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro action Replay password for games on the at sight Nintendo Entertainment device or SNES. (some codes room official and also others room unofficial).

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at sight Mario RPG - Legend the the seven Stars game Genie codes (for at sight nintendo)

CategoryTitleHackerCodeNotesTopAll the Your personalities Are Messed Up0084-74DBTopAuto-Select "Special" alternative In Battle0082-57DBTopEffect Battle5560-5DD8TopEffect floor Graphic, transforms In Color, Etc.5560-5DD2TopEffect Letter top top Overworld Map5560-7FD2TopFast Music55B0-7DF7TopGive girlfriend Mega EXP., Coins, and also An Item??81-57DB

Here space the experience, coin and also item password send in earlier. Ns will just list the items that have the right to be used normally. Item like weapon, armor and also accessory cannot be use because the video game put all items from battle in the article list and also you cannot access equipment items in the article list.

NOTE: after level maxed the end on some code, slot 1 will be erase and also some item(s) can only get depend on that kill the last foe off.

* = Unusable item, erase conserve slot or both. 00 - 0F * Mostly give "Hurly Gloves" 10 - Maple Syrup 11 - choose Me up 12 - Yoshi Cookie 13 - Pure Water 14 - Max Mushroom 15 - may be Juice 16 - Bracer 17 - honey Syrup 18 - Red essence 19 - imperial Syrup 1A - KerokeroCola 1B - Energizer 1C - Yoshi Ade 1D - Mushroom 1E - Sleepy Bomb 1F - Mid Mushroom 20-2F * mostly Give equipment Items 22 - Maple Syrup 23 - offer "Dummy" as Item 2B - offer "Dummy" as Item 2D - give "Dummy" together Item 2F - offer "Dummy" as Item 30 - Maple Syrup 32 - previously Time 35 - are afraid Bomb 37 - Sleepy Bomb 40 - 4F * all Give equipment Items 50 - Flower seasoned 51 - Yoshi candy 52 - an excellent Bags 53 - equipment 54 - ice cream Bomb 55 - FroggieDrink 56 - Muku Cookie 57 - Flower Tab 58 - watch Ya 59 - Flower crate 5A - * unique 5B - Elixir 5C - Megalixir 5D - negative Mushroom 5E - equipment 5F - Fire Bomb60-6F * every Give devices Items 70-7F * all Give equipment Items 80-8F * all Give tools Items 90-9F * All provide Accessory item A0-AF * mixed Items group A2 - bad Mushroom advertisement - Mushroom B0-BF - devices Items C0-CF - equipment Items D0-DF - equipment Items E0-EF - equipment Items
TopGlitchy Characters and Enemies In Battle0067-54D8TopGo In order Of Speed throughout Battle0080-77DBItem the raise speed does not use (cancelled out).TopLoad/Save Screen and also Menu display screen Has No Border, Etc.0068-5DDATopLook choose Messed up Japanese Text/Words5560-8DD2TopMario Turn into Number0080-7DDBTopMessed Up an essential Buttons and also Your Character"s Magic offers 0 (Both In Heal and Damage)0085-74DBTopNo elevator In Battle0162-54D8Game resets after battle.TopNo vital Buttons0083-7DDBTopNo floor Graphic5560-74D2TopPause setting In Battle0C61-54D8Between picking fight option and also killing the enemy, you can pause the activity by turning the GG off/on.

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TopRepeat Items0065-5DDAAfter acquisition the item (coins, frog coins, flower ..etc.) leave city or whatever to the overworld. Climate come earlier to the exact same spot and the treasure is over there again because that the re-take. (Not sure if this impact the totality game)TopResets video game After foe Jump-In8661-54D8TopSkip Exp. & Coin Screen0086-57DBTopWeird and also Unpredictable Music/Change In Speed0EBC-7DF7TopWin fight Without FightingAA60-87D8AA60-87680A62-54D80E62-54D8The following code(s) let friend win fight without fighting. Disadvantage: Cannot gain experience points and also items. Skipped automated battle intro (like speeches that were do by foes prior to the yes, really battle).Top999 HPUgetab7FF829E77FF82A03TopAttackZeke_D7FF82E??TopDefenseZeke_D7FF82F??TopExperienceZeke_D7FF832??7FF833??TopMagic AttackZeke_D7FF830??TopMagic DefenseZeke_D7FF831??TopMax HPZeke_D7FF82B??7FF82C??TopSpeedZeke_D7FF82D??Top999 HPUgetab7FF829E77FF82A03Top999 maximum HPUgetab7FF82BE77FF82C03TopEquipped AccessoryUgetab7FF836??TopEquipped ArmorUgetab7FF835??TopEquipped WeaponUgetab7FF834??TopHas every "Correct" SpellsUgetab7FF839F0TopLevel 30Ugetab7FF8281ETopMax AttackUgetab7FF82EFFTopMax DefenseUgetab7FF82FFFTopMax ExpUgetab7FF8320F7FF83327TopMax Mg.AttackUgetab7FF830FFTopMax Mg.DefenseUgetab7FF831FFTopMax SpeedUgetab7FF82DFFTopInfinite 5 make the efforts Left In activity SequencesUgetab4030CB05Top999 AttackUnknown7EFC72E77EFC7303Top999 DefenseUnknown7EFC74E77EFC7503Top999 Magic AttackUnknown7EFC76E77EFC7703Top999 Magic DefenseUnknown7EFC78E77EFC7903Top999 SpeedUnknown7EFC70E77EFC8103Top999 AttackUnknown7EFCF2E77EFCF303Top999 DefenseUnknown7EFCF4E77EFCF503Top999 Magic AttackUnknown7EFCF6E77EFCF703Top999 Magic DefenseUnknown7EFCF8E77EFCF903Top999 SpeedUnknown7EFCF0E77EFCF103TopMax. HPUnknown7EFC93E77EFC9403TopAVOID this CODES - ERASES THE conserve SLOT5560-7FD85560-7708??61-54D8OF62-54D83065-54D8006A-54D8All of this codes ERASE THE save SLOT the is gift played or otherwise noted.

ERASE Slot 1 & 2: ?? = 15, 1A, 1B, 23, 42, 4D, 4E, 92, BF, D2, F9, FF