Imagine that your French friend Marie simply picked you up in ~ the airport in Paris and also hosted girlfriend in she lovely residence for 3 days.

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You space grateful and would prefer to thank her therefore you to speak merci when girlfriend leave and give she a box complete of delicacies from your hometown.

Then friend wonder: isn’t’t over there a far better way come say thank you in French? Merci did feeling a bit…short.

While merci is a safe selection in nearly all situations and also will rarely offend people, that not constantly the best method to thank human being in French.

Here are 19 other ways to say give thanks to you in French!

Table that Contents
Merci: the classic thank you
je vous remercie: the formal say thanks to you
3 other methods to say thank you in French

Merci: the classic thank you

Merci is the most common method to say give thanks to you or many thanks in French.

You deserve to use it whether you’re talk to your best friend, a seller, a waiter or your boss without any kind of risk of offending anyone.

However, it might be considered a bit cold and also short depending on the context.

That’s why that often much better to broaden on the straightforward merci and also use one these usual variations:

Sometimes you may additionally hear these alternate ways that saying thank you in French:

Be mindful that merci bien deserve to be perceived as sarcastic depending upon the context so I would certainly recommend you to use merci beaucoup instead.

Merci bien, mais j’ai pas que ça à faire !Thanks a lot, yet I have much better things come do!

If you desire to sound more formal, simply add monsieur or mam after merci.

You could additionally use mademoiselle but i wouldn’t introduce you to perform so because an ext and more people take into consideration mademoiselle to be sexist due to the fact that there is a word for unmarried women yet not for unmarried men.

If you want to thank a human being for something specific, include pour (for) ~ merci:

je vous remercie: the formal give thanks to you


When you want to give thanks to a team of person or to mark the person you’re saying give thanks to you to, you deserve to use one of the following sentences:

These 2 sentences are typically considered an ext formal than a an easy merci.

Like with merci, girlfriend can likewise use sport of je vous remercie together as:

Just remember that these 4 means to say thank you in French are fairly formal and mostly supplied in letters.

Using castle in everyday situations or in not blocked emails or facebook conversations would certainly be strange.

3 other means to say thank you in French

C’est vraiment gentil de votre part

If someone just available you a gift or did something nice, you can thank castle by saying c’est vraiment gentil de votre part (it’s really type of you).

As constantly in French, the votre variation is formal while the ta variation is informal. That’s since there room two means to say you in French.

Avec tous mes / nos remerciements

Literally “with every my/our thanks”, avec tous mes/nos remerciements is a good choice as soon as writing a official letter or email or as soon as you’re creating to a team of people you don’t know well.

Remerciez-le / -la de ma part

If you desire to ask someone to give thanks to someone else for you, you can use Remerciez-le /la de ma part (thank him/her for me).

How come answer thank you in French

The most common method to say you’re welcome in French is de rien yet there space many alternatives such as:

You can find other methods to speak you space welcome in French in this article.

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And you, what’s her favorite method of speak “thank you” in French?

Benjamin Houy is a indigenous French speaker and tea drinker v a BA level in used Foreign Languages and also a enthusiasm for languages. After to teach French and English in south Korea for 7 months as component of a French government program, he developed French Together™ to assist English speakers discover the 20% that French that truly matters.