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term name 3 stages of to move respiration
Definition 1. Glycolysis2. Electron transport3. Moving krebs cycle
Term what is the sequence of eents in to move respiration
Definition glycolysis--> krebs cycle--> electron transport
Term what is the correct equation for cellular respiration
Definition 6o2+c6h12o2-->6co2+6h2o+energybreathe in oxygen, sugars begin to flow, breathe out carbon dioxide, sweat, power is produced
Term define cellular respiration
Definition the procedure of releasing energy by breaking down food molecules
Term what is a reactant
Definition what goes into something
Term what space the reaction in the equation because that cellular respiration
Definition oxygen, glucose
Term what is a product
Definition what is produced by something
Term what are the products of cellular respiration
Definition water, carbon dioxide, and energy
Term which part of moving respiration takes location in the cytoplasm
Definition glycolysis
Term glycolysis gives a cell with the net acquire of
Definition 2 ATP molecules
Term surname 3 commodities of glycolysis
Definition 1. NADH2.

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ATP3. Pyruvic acid
Term NAD+ is an
Definition electron transport in to move respiration
Term what space the 2 main types of fermentation
Definition lactic acid and alcoholic
Term where does lactic acid fermentation occur
Definition muscle cells
Term one reason of muscle soreness is
Definition lactic acid fermentation
Term what walk lactic acid fermentation do
Definition it regenerates NAD+, which permits glycolysis come continue
Term if oxygen is present, which phase of to move respiration adheres to glycolysis
Definition the Krebs cycle
Term what is the starting molecule because that the Krebs cycle
Definition pyruvic acid
Term what walk the Krebs bicycle produce
Definition electron carriers
Term what does the Krebs cycle start with
Definition pyruvic acid and yields carbon dioxide
Term what carry out NADH and also FADH2 do
Definition they happen high-energy electrons into the electron carry chain
Term every pair the high-energy electrons that move down the electron transfer chain carry out enough power to
Definition convert 3 ADP molecules right into 3 ATP molecules
Term the energy of the electron passing follow me the electron move chain is supplied to make
Definition ATP
Term breathing heavily after running a race is your body"s means of
Definition repaying one oxygen debt
Term as soon as the body requirements to exercise for longer than 30 seconds, it generates ATP by carrying out
Definition cellular respiration
Term the energy needed to victory a 2 minute footrace is produced mostly by
Definition lactic acid fermentation
Term why do even well-conditioned athletes have to pace themselves for lengthy athletic events
Definition cellular respiration release energy much more slowly than fermentation does
Term just how are cellular respiration and photosynthesis nearly opposite processes
Definition photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide native the atmosphere, and also cellular respiration puts it back
Term what needs to be present for moving respiration come occur
Definition oxygen
Term if people and animals avoid carrying the end cellular respiration, what will take place to them?
Definition they will certainly die
Term what carries electrons from the Krebs cycle to the elctron transfer chain
Definition NADH and also FADH2
Term what happens during the first couple of seconds that an extensive exercise
Definition the cell supplies up its save on computer ATP
Term throughout the food of a long race, a person"s muscle cells will use
Definition both cellular respiration and lactic acid fermentation
Term specify aerobic
Definition requiring oxygen
Term define anaerobic
Definition not requiring oxygen
Term does glycolysis require oxygen
Definition no
Term without oxygen, a cell have the right to produces
Definition 2 molecule the ATP from every glucose molecule
Term what walk glycolysis transform glucose into
Definition 2 3 carbon pyruvic acids
Term what is the electron deliver chain
Definition a collection of transport proteins
Term just how does the body eliminate lactic acid
Definition it uses chemical pathways that require oxygen
Term does a human who exercises frequently take in less oxygen or much more oxygen
Definition more oxygen
Term where do eldectrons relocating along the within membrane come from
Definition NADH and FADH2
Term a high level that lactic mountain in the blood is a sign that
Definition lactic acid fermentation has occured
Term a high level the lactic acid in the blood is a authorize that
Definition lactic mountain fermentation has actually occured