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Loneliness(Her Word)One ought no to have to care So lot as you and also ICare as soon as the bird come ring the house To seem come say good-bye;Or care so much when they come earlier With everything it is they sing;The fact being we are as much Too glad because that the one thingAs we room too sad for the other here— v birds the fill their breastsBut v each other and themselves and their built or moved nests.

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House FearAlways—I tell girlfriend this they learned—Always at night when they returnedTo the lonely residence from much away,To lamps unlighted and fire gone gray,They learned to rattle the lock and keyTo provide whatever could chance come beWarning and also time to be off in flight:And to like the out- to the in-door night,They learned to leave the house-door wideUntil they had actually lit the lamp inside.
The Oft-Repeated DreamShe had actually no saying dark sufficient For the dark pine the keptForever make the efforts the window-latch the the room whereby they slept.The tireless but ineffectual hand That with every effective passMade the an excellent tree seem as a tiny bird prior to the mystery of glass!It never had actually been inside the room, and also only one of the twoWas fear in an oft-repeated dream the what the tree might do.The ImpulseIt was as well lonely for she there, and too wild,And since there were however two of them, and also no child,And work was little in the house, She was free,And followed where that furrowed field, Or felled tree.
She rested on a log and tossed The new chips,With a song just to herself On her lips.And as soon as she saw break a bough Of black color alder.She strayed so far she scarcely heard as soon as he referred to as her—And didn’t answer—didn’t speak— Or return.She stood, and also then she ran and also hid In the fern.He never found her, though he looked Everywhere,And that asked at her mother’s house Was she there.Sudden and swift and light as that The ties gave,And that learned the finalities besides the grave.

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