Ariel plays a video game with Flounder. (Also recognized as: foreshadowing.)Ariel plays a video game with Flounder. (Also known as: foreshadowing.)

SebastianSebastian"s POV.

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Sebastian arrives at Sharkania.Sebastian arrives at Sharkania.

A tiny nervous?A tiny nervous?

Emperor Sharga.Emperor Sharga.

Sharkanians space sentient humanoid-shark creatures that live in Sharkania, another kingdom under the sea.

This episode was released on video clip with Stormy.

Whoops, Ariel and also Flounder room kidnapped.Whoops, Ariel and Flounder room kidnapped.

ArielAriel"s letter to Sebastian.

King Triton means business.King Triton method business.

SebastianSebastian"s happy it turned the end all best after all.

In this episode, rubbing the trident it s okay it come shoot lightning. In episode Trident True, you have to say, "Trident, shoot."

Sebastian, initially a supporting character in the movie, becomes a full-fledged main character inthe series, with entire episodes specialized to him, beginning with this one. (As a next note, I"m still a tad bitter that Flounder gets no love. We don"t also get to view his family, and they livein Atlantica. Anyway.)

In this episode, Sebastian is feeling a little bit insecure in his role (whatever that may be), and wants to admire King Triton. Once Triton says that he demands an expert on Sharkanians to it is in his closest advisor, Sebastian jumps on it, explain to recognize all about Sharkanians, your language, andtheir leader Emperor Sharga. To Sebastian"s shock and also horror, the is proclaimed the Atlanticanambassador come Sharkania, and has to take trip there to arrange a tranquility talk with their Emperor.

When Sebastian leaves for Sharkania, Ariel and also Flounder decision to follow him. It turns out to bea good thing, since Sebastian is a concerned wreck and utterly terrified of the idea of having to fulfill the Sharkanians confront to face. Ariel and Flounder gladly provide Sebastian the emotional supporthe needs, and also he is lastly able to talk firmly come Emperor Sharga about Triton"s peace summons. Emperor Sharga agrees to the proposal, and Sebastian is thrilled the his mission is a success.However, Ariel is a little suspicious that Sharga agreed come easily. Once she and Flounder snooparound, they discover that Sharga has a covert plan, however are caught in the process. Two Sharkanian warriors will hide inside a surprise compartment the a endowment chest the is come be yielded to Triton personal by Sebastian.Once inside the palace and everyone is asleep, the Sharkanians space to stealing Triton"s trident andsignal the rest of the Sharkanian army to attack. It"s as much as Ariel and also Flounder come break cost-free andwarn Sebastian (and Triton) around the threat.

Quotable quotes

Flounder:Gee, King Triton would"ve been mad if I"d smashed his right-hand crab.
Merman:Go obtain "em, Sebastian! show "em who"s boss!
Sebastian:I"m gonna show "em who"s food.
Sebastian:Aww man, Sharkania. It is in it ever so humble, it"s no location like home.
Sebastian:Don"t eat me! never ever eat shellfish in October!
Ariel:Don"t worry, Flounder. The Ambassador will defend us.
Sebastian:Oh, thank goodness. (GASP) I"m the Ambassador!
Ariel:Hear me, Sharga! Sebastian is an essential official that King Triton"s court!
Sebastian:That"s right.
Ariel:He"s come to arrange a tranquility conference and he"s no going come leave until he gets what the wants!
Sebastian:That"s right.
Flounder:And he doesn"t treatment if you chew off his head and crack every bone in his body!
Sebastian:That"s right. Uh. Chewing turn off the head would be sufficient.
Sebastian:That girl! Head constantly in the clouds. And also for a mermaid, that"s way the end there, man.
Sebastian:I"m particular to acquire a huge medal because that this. That course, castle can"t pen it on mine handsome Crustracean body. Yet maybe they deserve to use adhesive or something.
Sharkanian:Your great Sebastian dropped for our plan: hook, line and also sinker.
Flounder:Oh, mine three the very least favourite words.

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Sharkanian:You"re nothing yet a guppy!
Flounder:Oh yeah? Well, I"ve met plankton smarter than you.

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