By happy happenstance, the Roundabout theater Co. Gets to inaugurate the snazzy brand-new restoration the a charming old theater v a snazzy brand-new production that a charming old play. Building and construction problems delayed the opened of the theater in the spring, so instead of gloomy old "Uncle Vanya," Moss Hart and also George S. Kaufman's zany "The male Who concerned Dinner" is warming up the long-cold boards in ~ the previous Selwyn theater on 42nd Street (now, alas, dubiously called the American airlines Theater).

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By happy happenstance, the Roundabout theater Co. It s okay to inaugurate that is snazzy brand-new restoration of a charming old theater v a snazzy new production the a charming old play. Building and construction problems delay the opened of the theatre in the spring, so instead of gloomy old “Uncle Vanya,” Moss Hart and also George S. Kaufman’s zany “The man Who concerned Dinner” is warming increase the long-cold boards at the former Selwyn theater on 42nd Street (now, alas, dubiously called the American airlines Theater).

Nathan Lane, an gibbs who makes virtually every role he theatre seem like a role he was born come play, is the splendidly seething, exciting acerbic facility of Jerry Zaks’ splashy production of the 1939 comedy. In slicked hair, owlish eyeglasses and silk smoking cigarettes jackets, he’s a living Peter Arno cartoon, and thoroughly at house with the verbal strafing the streams indigenous the mouth the the wheelchair-bound Sheridan Whiteside, the curmudgeonly social pontificator that was not so loosely based upon (and later on played by) Alexander Woollcott. Sherry’s mixture that childish petulance and beautifully spoken bile is rendered through delicious selection and old-fashioned theatrical flair by Lane, the consummate stage comedian of our era hide happily into a consummate comic role from another.

Mr. Whiteside has met v a hip-crippling accident top top a nefarious Midwestern doorstep, and also now this urbane metropolitan refugee has end up being the captive — and also the marquee attraction — that a respectable small-town Ohio family. If Whiteside upends the household equilibrium v his imperious commands and a currently of oddball visitors, the slender plot in ~ the center of the play concerns the romance the blooms in between Whiteside’s gal Friday Maggie Cutler (Harriet Harris) and also the squeaky-clean neighborhood journalist Bert Jefferson (Hank Stratton), a relationship that the peevish Whiteside is anxious to nip in the bud lest it deprive him of his trusty assistant.

Judged by today’s standards, the play’s standard three-act structure undeniably feels somewhat attenuated. In spite of Kaufman & Hart’s stable stream that divertingly nasty cracks (impressively embellished below by Messrs. Lane & Zaks), the play electric motors a touch laboriously towards its last punch line. Therefore is that dated? Certainly, however in the finish rather delightfully.

Much of the charm of Zaks’ production resides in its affectionate adopt of the stylistic hallmarks of a duration that has end up being permanently imprinted in the social zeitgeist. The ubiquity of AMC, TCM and many countless VCRs insures the the milieu the the pat is registered in our collective memory financial institution in two-dimensional black-and-white, for this reason it’s pretty to see it brought ago to Technicolor life onstage.

The inestimably talented Tony Walton has rendered the suburban home of Mr. And also Mrs. Stanley in a somewhat preposterously lavish manner, however his glossy collection wittily echoes the inner of the theater itself. And costume designer wilhelm Ivey lengthy is for this reason blissfully at home in the period that each top lapel and also padded shoulder seems imprinted v the designer’s affectionate care.

The manufacturing has additionally been felicitously actors with one eye towards honoring duration style. Together Maggie, the wry, genial Harriet Harris is delectable (she might virtually have been actors for her surname alone — for sure Harriet Harris is the surname of a Rosalind Russell character?). Harris’ worried gestures, dry delivery and occasional burst of tremulous tenderness include up to a perfect re-creation the a ’30s-picture archetype: the working girl who hard-bitten wisecracks and also mannish shoulderpads belie a heart that’s yearning to fall in love.

Whiteside’s phalanx of significantly unwilling caretakers are likewise sharply and snappily played. Mary Catherine wright is a perfect sour miss Preen, the nurse driven to distraction by her recalcitrant patient; Linda Stephens and Terry Beaver room archly woebegone as Mr. And also Mrs. Stanley, Zach Shaffer and Ruby Holbrook perkily appealing together their kids. Wilhelm Duell, a splendid personality actor whose large eyes and also gaping mouth draw instant smiles, is well actors as the milquetoast neighborhood doctor v literary aspirations. The always treasurable Julie Halston provides her Broadway debut, all also briefly, as an excitable neighborhood lady who’s concerned stargaze.

Among Whiteside’s visiting cohorts from the people of the swells, Byron Jennings makes a crisply suave Beverly Carlton, Kaufman & Hart’s facsimile that Noel Coward, if Lewis J. Stadlen vamps a tiny too exhaustingly through the Harpo Marx role of Banjo (his Harpo Marx is much more Jimmy Durante 보다 anyone else). Together Lorraine Sheldon, the good lady that the theatre whose aid Whiteside enlists to break up Maggie’s romance, Jean Smart functions diligently and effectively, but never quite shows up at lull in the role; she strains for laughs that might be more subtly engineered.

But even the production’s sometimes air of industry and also Kaufman & Hart’s more dubious bits of wackiness (Whiteside’s menagerie, because that example, never ever earns lot of a payoff) deserve to be greeted with a patient shrug. Many stage comedies this days room mere appetizers, and meager ones at that; “The male Who concerned Dinner” may have its longueurs in between its tastiest comic morsels, but at least it supplies a complete meal.

The guy Who pertained to Dinner

American airlines Theater; 750 seats; $65 top

Production:A Roundabout theatre Co. Presentation the a beat by Moss Hart and also George S. Kaufman in 3 acts. Directed by Jerry Zaks.Crew:Set, Tony Walton; costumes, wilhelm Ivey Long; lighting, Paul Gallo; sound, Peter Fitzgerald; production stage manager, Andrea J. Testani. Creative director, Todd Haimes. Opened July 27, 2000. The evaluation July 23. To run time: 2 HOURS, 30 MIN.

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Cast:Mrs. Stanley - Linda Stephens miss out on Preen - mar Catherine bright Richard Stanley - Zach Shaffer john - Jeffrey Hayenga June Stanley - mary Catherine Garrison buy it - Julie Boyd Mrs. Dexter - Kit Flanagan Mrs. McCutcheon - Julie Halston Mr. Stanley - terry Beaver Maggie Cutler - Harriet Harris Dr. Bradley - william Duell Sheridan Whiteside - Nathan lane Harriet Stanley - Ruby Holbrook Bert Jefferson - Hank Stratton Professor Metz - Stephen DeRosa jail Guard - Hans Hoffman Sandy - Ryan Shively Lorraine Sheldon - Jean clever Beverly Carlton - Byron Jennings Mr. Westcott, etc. - Ian Blackman Banjo - Lewis J. Stadlen With: Michael Bakkensen, Andre Steve Thompson, Jack Arendt, Zachary Eden Bernhard, Jozef Fahey, Brandon Perry, Matthew Salvatore, Ryan Torina.Music By: