Moron Test is a brain-teaser game and also one the the best iPhone apps that allows you to prove yourself that you are not a Moron and you space able to pass all the test from section 1, 2, 3, 4 and also the themed section.

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Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and also shake your method through this fun and tricky challenges! pass the tests and also share it v your family and friends.


Did you pass the Moron Test ar 1 Old SchoolMoron Test section 2 so late Registration and Moron Test section 3 Winter Break? it is great! To assist you pass the Moron Test Food Fight, monitor the walkthrough below:

The Moron check Food hit Walkthrough

Tap Moron Test section 4.Tap start to begin.Touch the circle, then the octagon, then the square Just monitor the instructions, you will be guided by the arrow pointing to it.

Today we’re serving a pizza! irradiate it increase on the menu.

-Touch the blue button.

How countless slices space pepperoni?

-Touch 5

How numerous slices have actually cheese?

-Touch 8.

Touch the smallest square, after girlfriend touch the larger one.

-Touch the green square twice.

Turn ~ above the black color light.

-Slide her finger up to flip the move up.

Touch all over to continue.

Touch the backmost bird.

-Touch the lower right bird.

You perfect the an initial round. Now we can confidently say, You have actually a pulse!

Touch the night to continue.

-Touch the snapshot with the moon and stars.

Press the orange button from best to left.

-Touch the big orange switch on the right, the small orange switch on the right, the big orange switch on the left, and the little orange button of the left, then wait.

Knock on the wooden door until it opens.

-Knock on the door 12 times until a snake opens it.

Touch the monkey’s left hand.

-Touch the hand that holds banana.

Touch the lady bugs from smallest to largest, according to point out count.

-Go come the left ladybug, an initial touch the one on the back, then 2nd from the right, then 2nd from the left, climate the right ladybug and the remaining one.

Touch the red circle, climate the eco-friendly square, climate the orange triangle twice.

-Touch the red circle, the green square, the orange triangle, climate wait for a moment and also you will see one more orange triangle.

The majority agrees, you space at the very least a Bonehead!

Touch the hare to continue.

-Touch the bunny.

Enter 0.7734 into the calculater .

-Enter the numbers and turnthe phone upside down and press the amounts to sign.

You’ll get a hint saying, “It’s the 3rd one”.

-Take note what that says.

Don’t press the blue button, then press the red one.

-Press the red button.

Touch the monkeys from smallest to largest, according to ear size.

-Touch the second monkey from the right, tehn the an initial monkey, then the last monkey and also touch the continuing to be one.

Touch the best triangle.

-Flip the switch up in the lower left hand corner and press the triangle in the reduced right hand edge that’s the biggest.

How many slices have pepperoni and mushrooms?

-Touch 2.

Touch the third door and you will view a giraffe inside.

Quick near the door.

-Be quick! close it!

Quick! Touch the smalles number.

-Touch 9.0000.

Touch the frontmost bird.

-Touch the reduced left bird.

Put the end the enlarge candle.

-Touch the fire of the blue candle (the one top top the right).

How numerous slices have actually pepperoni?

-Touch 8.

Quick! revolve off the light.

-Touch the blue switch quickly!

Pay attention! Touch everywhere to continue.

Take note of the fruit on the screen.

How countless strawberries were there?

-Touch 2.

How numerous apples were there?

-Touch 5.

You are currently slightly smart! Touch the bass to continue.

-The etc thing.

Touch the biggest red apple.

-Touch the second apple native the left.

Spray the soda.

-Shake your maker until the bubbles then touch the cap.

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

Look at the images on the screen and also if possible memorize their location.

Touch the card the matches.

-It’s a corresponding game so; touch middle left, bottom middle, height middle, middle. Take keep in mind that there is no pair because that the giraffe.

Crack to open up the egg.

-Touch the egg come open.

Now, add salt till the monkey is happy.

-Shake your device to add salt until you will check out a monkey smiling.

Touch the cow from biggest to smallest.

-Touch the touch the top right cow, bottom left cow, bottom appropriate cow, height left cow.

Impressive! friend are currently somewhat Intelligent!

Touch the orange apple to continue.

-Touch the one next to the indigenous Intelligent!

-It’s as well fast..anyway the next thing you need to do is come touch the red button that lamp up ice cream cream.

Pay attention! Touch anywhere to continue.

Take keep in mind of the picture on the display screen especially the icecream the the monkey is holding.

Make the monkey ice cream cream! Touch the ingredients to add them to the cone.

-Touch the cacao ice cream, then the blue ice cream cream, climate the blue and yellow sprinkles, then the vanilla ice cream cream.

Touch the monkey come continue.

Touch the smallest eco-friendly square, climate the greatest orange circle, climate the the smallest red triangle.

-Touch the smallest green square (bottom left), the best orange circle (wait a 2nd and it will certainly be in the bottom right), then touch the smallest red triangle (middle left).

Touch the blue button.

-Flip the switch in the reduced left hand edge up, flip the switch in the lower right hand edge down, then touch the blue button.

Touch the red button from left come right, climate the continuing to be buttons indigenous left to right.

-Touch the red buttons native left come right and also then touch the various other buttons indigenous left to best (blue, green, then orange).

Pay attention! it’s music to her ears. Touch anywhere to continue.

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Take keep in mind the hint, the the music to her ears.

-Remember the colors? Touch the glasses in this order: green, blue, blue, green, blue, green, red, green, green