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term Mucous- epithelial or connective?
Definition Both
Term location of Mucous?
Definition Lines the whole digestive,respiratory,and reproductive systems. Part urinary system too.You room watching: The most abundant protein in dead epidermal structures
Term duty of Mucous?
Definition Secretes mucous which prevents cavities from drying out. Lubricates and absorbs food.

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Term Serous- epithelial or connective?
Definition Areolar connective and straightforward squamous epithelial
Term ar of serous?
Definition Parietal layer: cavity wallsVisceral layer: human body organs
Term role of Serous?
Definition Secretes serous fluid that lubricates organs to glide quickly over each other or come slide versus the cavity wall.
Term Cutaneous- epithelial or connective?
Definition Epithelial: epidermisConnective: dermis
Term Locaton that cutaneous?
Definition skin
Term Synovial- epithelial that connective?
Definition Connective: areolar and also adipose
Term location of synovial?
Definition Joints
Term role os synovial?
Definition Secretes synovial liquid which lubricates the ends of bones together they move joints.
Term Translucent Cells,containing huge amounts that keratin.
Definition Stratum Lucidum
Term Translucent Cells,containing huge amounts the keratin
Definition Stratum Lucidum
Term This layer is composed of 25-30 great of planarization dead cells
Definition Stratum Corneum
Term Dermis class responsible because that fingerprints.
Definition Papillary Layer
Term Vascular region
Definition Dermis
Term Eight come ten great of keratinocytes the fit carefully together. Provides flexibility and also strength to the skin
Definition Stratum Spinosum
Term Scale-like cells complete of keratin the constantly flake off
Definition Stratum Corneum
Term site of elastic and collagen fibers
Definition Dermis
Term website of melanin formation
Definition Stratum basale
Term major skin area indigenous which the derivatives (hair,nails) arise
Definition Epidermis
Term created of a solitary row of cuboidal or columnar keratinocytes. This undergo cell division continuously.
Definition Stratum basale
Term Greater amounts of the pigment _____ are created when the skin is exposed to the sun.
Definition Melanin
Term The many abundant protein in dead epidermal structures such together hair and also nails is referred to as _______.
Definition keratin
Term _____ is one oily mixture of lipids,cholesterol, and cell fragments.
Definition Sebum
Term The earliest epidermal cells in the epidermis are discovered in the ________.
Definition Stratum Corneum
Term The externally observable component of the hair is dubbed the _____.
Definition hair shaft
Term The _____ gives mechanical toughness to the skin.
Definition Dermis
Term The lot of ________ is about the same in every people. It is the amount of pigment produced that reasons variations in skin color.
Definition melanocytes
Term Radiation indigenous the skin surface and evaporation the sweat are two ways in i beg your pardon the skin helps to remove body ____.
Definition Heat
Term Fat in the _____ tissue layer beneth the dermis help to insulate the body.
Definition Adipose
Term The waterproofing protein found in the epidermal cell is called _____.
Definition Keratin
Term The vitamin the is manufactured in the skin is ________.
Definition Vitamin A
Term A localized concentration that melanin is _______.
Definition freckle,mole,age spot
Term The cells the play a component in immune response against microbes space called________.
Definition T-cells
Term A callus is an abnormal thickening the the_______.
Definition Top layer of skin
Term A blackhead is an accumulation of oily products which is developed by _______.
Definition Sebaceous glands
Term tiny muscles attached come hair follicles that pull the hair upright during fright or cold are called_______.
Definition Arrector pili
Term The many numerous range of perspiration glands is the ___________.
Definition Eccrine gland
Term _____ surrounding the root and is composed of 2 layers the epidermal cells and also surrounded through connective tissue.
Definition Hair follicles
Term A less numerous range of perspiration glad is ________. Its cheap (often milky in appearance) includes proteins and also other substances the favor bacterial growth.
Definition apocrine sweat gland
Term ______ is uncovered everywhere ~ above the body other than the palms the the hands,soles of the feet,and lips and also primarily is composed of dead keratinized cells.
Definition Hair
Term ________ are specialized nerve endings the respond to temperature and touch.
Definition Cutaneous receptors
Term ______ becomes much more active in ~ puberty.
Definition Apocrine sweat glands
Term part of the heat-liberating device of the body is the _______.
Definition Eccrine sweat gland
Term The superficial portion of the hair the projects above the surface of the skin is dubbed the ____.
Definition Hair shaft
Term full thickness burn,epidermal and also dermal layers destroyed,skin is blanched.
Definition 3rd
Term Blisters form
Definition 2nd
Term Epidermal damage,redness,and some pain (usually brief).
Definition 1st
Term Epidermal and also some dermal damage,pain,regeneration is possible.

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Definition 2nd
Term renewal is impossible,requires grafting.See more: deserve to You mode Fallout 3 top top Xbox One have actually Mods? fallout 3 mode On The Xbox
Definition 3rd
Term pains is absent because nerve end in the area room destroyed.
Definition 3rd