What did civilization War One end up being once participating nations began devoting every one of their sources to the war effort?

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They began waging unrestricted submarine warfare again, hope to defeat Britain prior to U.S. Entry
1. Militarism- glorification of army power, which can lead come an arms race, which have the right to lead come conflict2.Nationalism-Deep devotion come one"s nation that can regularly lead to competition and also conflict with various other nations3.Imperialism- nations in Europe competed fiercely for colonies in Africa and also Asia, which deserve to sometimes cause war.4.Alliances- Nations formed agreements to support one one more when attacked, This enabled for a minor incident to escalate right into a significant conflict5. Assassination the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, This leads to Austria, supported by the Allies, advertising war on Serbia, supported by that allies.
Explain how the contract of Versailles failed come prevent civilization War Two. Provide an answer and also then support that answer v at least four conditions from the Treaty.
The treaty of Versailles developed a tradition of resentment, bitterness, and hatred in Germany the will cause a desire for revenge. The complying with are a couple of conditions that contributed to this: lose of colonies and also industry-rich territory. $33 billion in reparations, i beg your pardon bankrupted the Germany economy. Germany to be demilitarized. *These conditions left Germany and also massive debt and also made it difficult for castle to recover from people War I.

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