Charles Dickens created the classic "A Christmas Carol" in 1843. The main character is a greedy businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, that hates Christmas. Scrooge is visited by the ghost the his organization partner, Jacob Marley, and three ghosts the represent various stages of Scrooge"s life. All the apparitions warn Scrooge that he must readjust his greedy ways or experience a terrible fate.

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Jacob Marley

Marley is the an initial ghost to challenge Scrooge. He is transparent yet has heavy, locked chain wrapped around his body. He educates Scrooge that he cannot remainder in peace. He is cursed come roam the earth in chains due to the fact that he mistreated the poor and hoarded his money throughout his lifetime. Marley advises Scrooge that his fate could end up being like Marley"s. He additionally notifies Scrooge that three more ghosts are scheduled to visit him.

Ghost the Christmas Past

Dickens does no use sex pronouns to define the Ghost the Christmas Past. He refers to the ghost together “it.” Dickens explains the ghost as having long white hair and a confront with no wrinkles. The ghost attract a white tunic and also holds a branch the fresh green holly in that is hand. On peak of the head is a shining flame. The Ghost that Christmas previous takes Scrooge on a trip to show him specific scenes native his past, including his lonely boarding school days throughout Christmas and the time once his fiance pipeline him. The scenes show how Scrooge significantly becomes obsessed through his fortunes and also grows to despise Christmas.

Ghost of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas existing is next. This ghost has actually long, dark brown curls and also wears a green robe bordered v white fur. That is huge in size and also wears a wreath the holly with icicles. The Ghost of Christmas existing takes Scrooge out on the city"s highways to see the common civilization celebrating Christmas. The ghost sees a vision of tiny Tim"s crutch in a fireplace corner. He tells Scrooge that if alters are not made in the present, the boy will die. Tiny Tim is the kid of Scrooge"s employee, Bob Cratchit. Due to the fact that Scrooge does no pay Cratchit a sufficient income, Cratchit struggles to financially assistance his family and also care for his ok child.

Ghost of Christmas however to Come

The Ghost that Christmas yet to Come, or the Ghost the the Future, is the critical ghost to visit Scrooge. Dickens defines this ghost together clad in a black garment that conceals that face and body. The only body part visible to Scrooge is one outstretched hand. Scrooge fear this ghost that does no talk. The ghost points out various future scene to Scrooge, consisting of Bob Cratchit"s family members mourning the fatality of tiny Tim. The Ghost of Christmas however to Come likewise foreshadows Scrooge"s fatality by mentioning Scrooge"s own grave.

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A Christmas Carol; Charles Dickens; 1843

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