Here"s a handy overview to tourists to aid you work out the time differences between new Zealand and also the USA.

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Getting her head around the dateline and time differences can be tricky, so not worry, here"s a handy guide to time differences and the finest time to call brand-new Zealand from the USA (and calling residence once you"re here) and also a couple of more tips on just how to take care of that time difference.

Planning a pilgrimage to brand-new Zealand indigenous the USA and also struggling to obtain your head about those time differences? What carry out you median these stunner Kiwis room a job ahead yet behind top top the clock? how does that work?

We"re, and we"ve been hosting guests on our little group tours below in new Zealand since the 1970s, consisting of heaps of civilization from all parts of the USA.

We"re completely used to working with the time difference and whether you"re phone call up before you come end to visit, or require to number out the best time to speak to family back home we"ll help you out, in familiar Kiwi style!

Time zones in new Zealand and the USA

As new Zealand is one of the an initial countries in the civilization to receive the irradiate of each brand-new day and the US is just one of the last, there is a far-ranging time difference between the two countries.

The US also has several time zones, complicating the issue further. We"ve done the mathematics so friend don"t have to.

Office hrs in new Zealand are comparable to those that the unified States. Many businesses obtain calls in between the hrs of 9 am and also 5 pm (09:00 and also 17:00).

The entire nation of new Zealand sits in a solitary time zone for this reason every city works off the same schedule. Tourism businesses will often have increased hours the phone assistance service.

We favor a cost-free online app called human being Clock, which offers you the present time in any city in the world.

Before calling new Zealand it’s precious checking v this website to make certain you’re calling in ~ office hours. Use Auckland as target city as every various other city is in this time zone.

Here"s an example for us West shore residents, have a look right here to compare the moment in Los Angeles (PT) and also Auckland.

If we set the Auckland time come 9 am on Monday, simply as the working week begins, we can see that the neighborhood time in California is 2 pm (PT) ~ above Sunday. For most callers from the US, Sunday afternoon is a practically time to call.

Remember: Sunday in the united state is already Monday morning in new Zealand.


For enterprise that run on a 9 to be to 5 pm schedule, the best times come call brand-new Zealand room as follows:

From Texas or Illinois: 4 pm to Midnight (CT), Sunday come ThursdayFrom California and the state of Washington: 2 afternoon to 10 afternoon (PT), Sunday to ThursdayFrom new York and also Florida: 5 afternoon to 1 to be (ET), Sunday to Thursday (1 to be = Friday morning)

New Yorkers and people ~ above the east shore of the US have a shorter time home window for making calls. 9 am in Wellington is 5 pm in new York (the job before). If you arrangement to contact a auto hire firm in Wellington in ~ 9 am on Monday morning make the contact at 5 afternoon (ET) on Sunday.

The common office job in brand-new Zealand ends at 1 am new York local time.

Say you"re in California and want to book talk come someone about an exciting Queenstown task or a Maori culture Experience in Rotorua the finest time to call someone is native Sunday to Thursday between 2 pm and 10 pm. Enjoy an after dinner chat with a friendly Kiwi on the other end of the phone!

Say you"re in Texas and also want to speak to who in the only of Islands about dolphin swimming for example, girlfriend can speak to the Paihia visitor information center, which opens every work from 8.00 am to 7 pm in summer, indigenous 3.00 afternoon to 2 to be (CT) in the US.

The only of islands is a favourite visitor spot and also the visitor information centre has longer opened hours, especially during our summer. Smaller sized towns and also destinations job-related on the usual 9-to-5 work schedule (4 pm to midnight in Texas).

Jet lag is a issue for tourists to brand-new Zealand as much as for any kind of long-haul destination. Personal from travellers from the east coastline of Australia, many travellers will have actually a long journey come reach new Zealand.

It"s a fact that flying eastern is often more exhausting 보다 flying west. Read about the space some scientific factors for this here.

US visitors have actually the advantage that most flights from the us to brand-new Zealand paris west. As a result, visitors experience less intense jet lag than flying the same distance in the opposite direction. And also you"ll need much less time to recover once you reach brand-new Zealand. This way you’ll be ready to endure the nation with a an excellent nights rest.


With so plenty of interesting points to check out in brand-new Zealand, you’ll desire to speak to family and also friends ago home come tell them all what you"re up to.

Whether you use a traditional phone, chat application or part other form of communication, save in mind the people back home room in a different time zone. Chatting to friends is less complicated when they"re no waking indigenous slumber at 4 am.

If your friends and also family in the US occupational a classic 9 come 5 schedule, these room the best times to speak to them for a chat. Stop presume the 5pm come midnight (US time) is a reasonable timeframe.

5 afternoon to midnight in san Francisco, California or Seattle, Washington (PT) is 12 afternoon to 7 pm all over in brand-new Zealand5 afternoon to midnight in Colorado (MT) is 11 am to 6 pm in new Zealand5 afternoon to midnight in Austin, Texas or Chicago, Illinois (CT) is 10 to be to 5 pm down under5 afternoon - 12 am in Miami, Florida or new York (ET) is 9 to be to 4 pm local NZ time.

Weekends in the US start a day later on than in new Zealand. Want to call your family on Saturday or Sunday ago in Illinois or Colorado, make certain you speak to on Friday or Saturday, new Zealand regional time.

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When you join one of our trips, favor our famous Kakapo 21 day new Zealand tour, we’ll provide you through a complete itinerary before you leaving home and also you’ll have the ability to see which mornings you have actually some time for yourself. Usage these time to call earlier home (this is specifically true for the east shore of the unified States) prior to your afternoon out trying out or travelling.

One the the finest things around travel is the anticipation that discovering brand-new things. It’s an excellent to share your excitement with friends and family. Make everyone envious v your plans for the day prior to you even begin!