No you space not imagining this. The specks space actually moving. That is due to the fact that they room actually tiny mites dubbed clover mites. Clover mites can come to be annoying family pests, particularly in and around residences where new lawns have actually recently been established or wherein there’s a heavy development of well-fertilized grass nearby to structure walls. They enter a home from outside and often come to be most energetic near sunny locations – why you see them top top windowsills.These small mites feed on grasses, clovers and details other plants in the lawn and around the home. They frequently crawl right into cracks and also crevices come molt and also lay eggs. Typical “hiding places” room under the loose bark the trees, on structures walls, in ~ siding and around window frames.

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Under magnification, however, they are reddish in color and have characteristically lengthy front legs.

Clover mites are most abundant in the fall and also spring and also are fairly inactive throughout the hot summer months and again throughout cold weather. They move into residences either when populace pressure i do not care too an excellent or when feeding conditions become unfavorable, such together the onset of warm or cold weather.


Clover mites are really tiny as can be watched on this ruler.

The mites are very tiny creatures (smaller than a pen head) and also may take place in plenty of numbers. They generally appear very first around windows, yet later might overrun whole walls the a home. Come most civilization they show up as tiny, moving, black color specks. Under magnification, however, they room reddish in color and have characteristically lengthy front legs. This character helps different them native the hundreds of other various mites.

Clover mites can be prevented from entering a home or structure by using perimeter treatments. These may be either physical or chemical. A physical barrier can be developed by separating altoalsimce.orggrass (where the mites feed) indigenous the perimeter wall of the building. A strip of clean grew soil or stone, cost-free of grasses, the extends 18 – 24 inches out from the structure is usually adequate to deter these mites indigenous crossing. Ornamental tree that room not clovers or grasses might be added to rise the attractiveness.

Chemical barrier treatments might be used to the outside structure perimeter (three feet high and also three feet out). Soaps and pyrethroid insecticides have actually been shown to be efficient IF used during the times that the mites room on the move.

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Use the chemicals within the home is not recommended. Remember that these mites execute not directly damages the structure nor carry out they bite people. Most think about them a momentary nuisance insect only and also find that vacuuming or wiping them up through a soft sponge or wet towel is sufficient. Be aware that they can smear and leave a red stain if crushed.