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Many times once you see two eighth notes together, lock are associated by a beam. 

This beam is a darkened line the runs horizontally (left come right) to affix the top of the stems.


The tribe can face either up or down. However castle appear, you will certainly still treat lock in the same way.

Sometimes, you can see 4 eighth notes beamed together that looks choose this:


Do you ever see much more than 4 eighth notes beamed together?

Not really, 4 eighth notes space the most you will usually see beamed together in 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4 time without any type of rests in between.

However, you have the right to see 6, 8, or more eighth notes beamed with each other in 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, or 12/8 time.

Exactly exactly how eighth notes work in different time signatures is a great discussion for another time.

Right now, let’s figure out mathematically exactly how eighth notes are pertained to other note values.

The value of Eighth Notes

Eighth notes same 1/2 a count. Do you recognize how plenty of eighth note it take away to equal a 4 minutes 1 note?

Yep, it takes two eighth note to same 1 4 minutes 1 note. (1/2 + 1/2 = 1)

If this doesn’t make sense, shot dividing a quarter keep in mind in half. The two parts you end up with are a 1/2 (1 solitary eighth note) and a 1/2 (1 single eighth note).

Together they same 1 full count or 1 4 minutes 1 note.

1 half note = 4 eighth notes

1 entirety note = 8 entirety notes

How to counting Them


The easiest means to count 2 eighth note is by speak “1” because that the very first eighth note followed by “&” because that the second. (“1 – &”)

For 4 eighth notes, you would count it like this “1 – & – 2 – &”


What about 8 eighth notes? This is just how you would count those “1 – & – 2 -& – 3 – & – 4 – &”


The number always represents the beat helping you to know what counting you are on in the measure.

The “&” is merely a way of sound the second eighth keep in mind evenly in time prior to the following beat.

If you are tapping her foot, her foot will go down on beat “1” and up top top the “&”. This should occur consistently.

Avoid tapping the rhythm (every solitary eighth note) fairly than tapping the beat (numbers only). The foot should constantly come up on the “&’s” the every beat.

Eighth Notes because that Young Children

In elementary school grade schools, many music teachers will an initial teach eighth notes together “ti-ti’s” come young youngsters who space not all set to count them in a much more traditional way.

This is genius due to the fact that students have the right to still endure these species of note at a young age and also do so an extremely accurately.

I have additionally heard teachers usage words such together “jel-lo” or “happ-y” with two syllables to simulate 2 eighth notes.

Again, this is a great way to very first learn these types of notes.

Eventually, you do want to move to counting making use of the to win (1) complied with by “&”. 

This is truly the best method to counting eighth note in her head while you are singing or playing an instrument.

If you are counting correctly in your head, you will play the note perfectly every time.

There is no various other trick come counting more facility rhythms. The IS the trick!

In the End

When girlfriend see two eighth notes (usually beam together, yet sometimes not), count them together “1 – &”. Eighth notes are worth a 1/2 counting each.

Therefore, 2 eighth notes equal a total of 1 totality count.

Don’t permit these tiny “twins” intimidate you. They really space not tough to learn.

Practice tapping your foot and also counting them out loud. Do this enough times till you really feel comfortable v this rhythm.

In no time, friend will master every eighth note you discover in your music.

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