No one ever answers the telephone! This is an extremely frustrating once trying to locate a an important package! prize THE TELEPHONE!!!!!

My best question is why you can not find a number to contact to discuss any type of issue v UPS. After so countless calls to us can"t assist you through that or would certainly you choose to order supplies it renders me wonder exactly how does ups stay in business.

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I have actually a package that was ceded to a wrong attend to and can"t gain any help from the client (I don"t) treatment Center. I have dubbed a dozen times and let it ring 30 times and no one will answer the phone. I have to contact the key UPS line to have actually them contact the Customer care Center to contact me.

Worst Experience, if in ~ all feasible avoid ever doing company with UPS, shed packages, found packages, shed packages, then called and also said they found them, as soon as I drove earlier 40 mile one way to gain them, castle couldn"t discover them again. I still have not obtained my packages. Ns will never us UPS again.

Totally crazy desire to deliver a package between 8 am and 7pm. Last delivery I had no keep in mind left for 1st visit, missed second delivery as result of my dog(their excuse). Last delivery- if not below will send earlier Don"t understand why anyone would use UPS

Sadly, the same comment that was written over four years back is tho true: nobody answer the phone when trying to speak to them. It likewise doesn"t assist that they"re close up door on Saturdays and Sundays. While that is not reason enough for a 1-star rating, not answering the phone at the noted number is poor practice.

Arranged because that pickup in ~ the customer facility with a UPS rep who offered me a 30 minute window to choose up my package. Was told after ns arrived the the driver had actually just left v my package, and also maybe I could get that the next day. The same thing was told come 2 other world while i was there. Pathetic.

Had them hold a package that came in 3 crate (1 tracking number 3 packages). Acquired the conformation that the packages to be being held and also waiting because that me to pick them up. As soon as I obtained there I had actually to wait 15 min because that the salesperson to complete with the people before me and also when it was my rotate I found out that they only held 2 of mine packages! The most crucial one was the end for delivery and also I to be leaving for the weekend!! that didn"t assist that the woman behind the respond to was rude and had zero sympathy for my dilemma. No apologies what so ever. No so much as an, "Up yours!" together I left the structure without my main package.

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DETAILSGeneral InfoVisit UPS Customer facility in WEST COLUMBIA, a self-service ar to drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipments, develop a brand-new shipment using a self-service kiosk, print mobile shipping labels, and utilize organize for pick Up services. Usually located on-site in ~ UPS circulation or procedure facilities.Extra Phones


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