contemporary auto tech is evolving at ever greater speeds. Yet while electric and self-driving vehicles are hogging all the headlines, much less attention is regularly paid to equipment which rise safety and improve the driving endure of petrol cars. This technology is now extremely advanced, and the Honda VSA is among the ideal examples obtainable today.

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Electronic stability and traction regulate systems prefer VSA are credited with substantially reducing the number of road accidents, particularly in bad conditions, and it’s a technology that’s had on most present Honda models.

What precisely is the Honda VSA System?

VSA stand for car Stability Assist. It helps to save cars managing correctly during cornering, particularly if the system’s sensors detect understeer or oversteer. It’s especially advantageous when various wheels have different quantities of grip, a instance that would generally lead to skidding or plowing.

The system will frequently activate under hazardous conditions caused through weather, a loosened road surface, or the automobile being thrust too rapid for the corner it’s attempting. VSA deserve to also help to keep smooth acceleration ~ above slippery terrain or steep gradients.

The modern technology works by automatically transforming the engine output and also applying each wheel’s brakes individually, boosting traction and keeping the auto under closer driver control.


A Blinking VSA light on the Console

If you watch the VSA light blinking on her Honda’s console, there’s no need to problem that it’s a error or various other warning. The flashing irradiate simply way that the system has activated and is help the automobile to steer more safely. As soon as the mechanism is operating, girlfriend may notification a few changes in handling, including:

– The accelerator may not increase engine power as much as you expect.

– The engine output may dip in power without you lifting the accelerator.

– The brakes may be automatically applied, back this shouldn’t be as well noticeable or sudden.

While the VSA system is terrific driving aid, it’s not infallible. If you view the light coming top top frequently, it might mean you’re pushing her Honda a small too tough a tiny too often.

Permanent VSA Activation Light

If the VSA activation indicator remains lit up quite than blinking, it usually method that the system has been disabled via the console switch. Transforming the system ago on need to clear this light.

VSA device Indicator Light

However, there’s a 2nd VSA console light you should be conscious of. If the VSA mechanism Indicator lights up and stays on, it way there’s a trouble with the system itself. If you see it, traction over once it’s safe to do so, and also turn the engine off and then ago on. If the irradiate returns, then arrange a organization inspection come diagnose the fault.

In the meantime, it’s perfectly safe to drive her car, but the VSA mechanism won’t be there to defend you in complicated conditions, therefore it’s a great idea come drive v extra treatment until the problem is fixed.

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Our organization department will certainly be happy to help with any type of VSA problems on her Honda, whether you’re an currently Birchwood customer or are new to us.