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This game is great! the is a true classic and also should be in every N64 owner"s library. It might not be as great graphic wise as the rather in the series, but this one is the best. It"s the only game of the bunch (Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, & No Mercy) to include fantasy wrestlers that are based on real wrestlers. It"s gained Atsushi Onita, Mike amazing (The Gladiator), The great Sasuke, Tarzan Goto, Taka Michinoku, Hayabusa, Jinsei Shinzaki, and many others. You have the right to tell who these wrestlers are due to the fact that the fantasy charecters have the signature moves and also gear. Pretty cool! This game also contains Ric Flair, also as virtually all the notable WCW/nWo grapplers the the time. All of the wrestlers have cool moves, something the I believed was doing not have in Wrestlemania 2000. This game is a blast, play it by yourself or with up to 4 friends. It might not save the much better graphics, develop wrestler, or fairly the number of moves the the later on releases: but the funny factor an ext than provides up for it. ...Once you acquire the cave of the controls, castle are merely astounding. This video game has few of the best play manage I have ever before experienced. Her charecter will do precisely what friend tell them come do. I have actually never encountered any kind of control hiccups, ever. To height it off, I"ve conveniently played this video game for over 100 hours. When you acquire the an easy knowledge that the contols, it"s all around timing from there. As soon as you obtain the timing down, you"ll it is in unstopable. Unless, of course, you"re play someone choose me. The dude also complains about the CPU blocking and dodging also much. The computer system does this when you"re yes, really wailing top top them, or if the difficuly is on hard. Block and also dodge are the main respond to buttons.

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Another an excellent aspect the this game, the against system. All in all this is one the finest games of every time (in my opinion of course), and a definite should BUY!