The environment at Miami"s Bongo"s restaurant, perched on height of the American airlines Arena, was practically festive together an unlimited stream the Latin acts began to paper inside.

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They were there to document "Somos el Mundo," the Spanish-language version of " We room the World," and, heeding the heart of the cause and the directions on the tip-sheet, there was small fanfare surrounding their arrival.

Artists had actually been instructed to it is in accompanied by no an ext than two people, and they paid heed come the instructions, showing up to the parking lot below, many parking their very own cars, then waiting patiently in line to take it the elevator upstairs. There, they mingled in a tiny waiting room together they signed posters and also two guitars donated by Gibson, which would certainly all it is in auctioned turn off a later on date.

Artists Mentioned

Alejandro Fernández

Aleks Syntek

Ana Bárbara

Arthur Hanlon

Carlos Santana


Cristian Castro

David Archuleta

Eddy Herrera

Ednita Nazario

The just camera in the room because that the session in the early on evening that Feb. 19 to be from the "Cristina" show, slated to premiere the video of the track in early March. Artists were then required to a little red carpet that brought about the basketball court where the Miami heat trains, and also which the arena provided for the shoot. There, versus the straightforward backdrop that several large posters with the "Somos el Mundo" emblem, part 50 artist (see complete list below) stood in a semi-circle, text in hand, and in less than 2 hours, v renditions getting increasingly more enthusiastic, the song and video were a wrap.

Producer Emilio Estefan and his mam Gloria Estefan came up through the idea that translating the song and also releasing a variation for the Spanish language market, through all proceeds also slated to go to the We room the World foundation benefiting Haiti.

"Somos el Mundo," was developed by Emilio Estefan and Quincy Jones along with Univision interactions who sponsor the manufacturing (and detailed the manufacturing team and cameras) and will premiere the video, together with a one-hour special, probably by following week.

breakthrough of the track and also the logistics that the production were done at speed, through Estefan personally contacting artist in the past couple of weeks. The general recording date, Feb. 19, was liked to coincide through the Premios Lo Nuestro awards show, i m sorry took location the night before.

back the artists who had solo lines - amongst them Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano, Chayanne, Thalía and Fonsi - pre-recorded their components earlier throughout the week inside the recording studio, many (for a total of much more than 50) nonetheless showed up because that the taping of the video. Amongst those lacking was Pitbull, who had a former engagement yet who tape-recorded his a lab lines prior.

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Artists, every dressed casually (black and also gray pants or jeans and light tops seemed to predominate because that men and women), obtained into their areas with no fuss, veteran acts (including venerable bandleader Johnny Pacheco, dapper in a suit) alongside young ones, regional Mexican bands alongside rockers. They balanced headsets and hand clapping, at first a little bit formally. Through the 3rd take, the group was in complete relaxation mode, and shortly before 9 p.m., the deadline set by the venue, the critical take finished in a champagne toast.

"Somos el Mundo" complete artist list:

A.B. Quintanilla Alacranes musical (Omar y Memo) Alejandro Fernández Aleks Syntek Ana Bárbara Andy García Angélica María Angélica Vale Arthur Hanlon La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho Aventura Banda El Recodo Carlos Santana Chayanne Cristian Castro Christian Chávez Cristina Saralegui David Archuleta Eiza Eddy Herrera Ednita Nazario Fernando Villalona Fonseca Gilberto Santa Rosa Gloria Estefan Jencarlos Canela Jenni Rivera Johnny Pacheco Jon Secada Jorge Celedón Jorge Moreno Jorge Villamizar José Feliciano José luis Rodriguez "El Puma" Jocelyn Juan luis Guerra Juanes Kany García Kat De Luna K-Paz de la Sierra Lena Lisette Lucero luis Enrique louis Fonsi Luz Rios Melina Leon Milly Quezada Montéz de Durango Natalia Jiménez Ojeda Olga Tañón Paquita la del Barrio Paulina Rubio Patricia Manterola urine Wee Pitbull Ricardo Montaner Sergio Mayer Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) Thalía Tito "El Bambino" Vicente Fernández Willy Chirino