The way early people concerned America native Asia
Land Bridge
Early peoples pertained to America because they...

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followed animals
Early Americans made it through by ________ during the ice Age.hunting animals
Early Americans lived here throughout the ice Ageany location they can find food
When the big Ice Age animals died, exactly how did early on Americans survive?They ended up being hunters-gatherers.
When the early human being started agriculture (agriculture), what changed?They didn't travel roughly anymore complying with food.
Why were mounds built by the Mound Builders?Burial places for chiefs
The Mound contractors were ______ which enabled them to build large mounds.very organized
The Anasazi ...were "Cliff Dwellers", grew corn and also beans, and were the very first to use irrigation in the U.S.
How go the Anasazi farm in the desert?Irrigation ditches
What tribe involved America 2,500 years ago and lived close to the Arctic Ocean?Inuit
The Inuit...hunted walruses, occurred the kayak, and also built igloos.
The Inuit...were NOT effective farmers
The Azasazi...ate much more than the animals they hunted.
The Maya...were an excellent farmers.
The Maya...grew a food surplus and also began come specializing in basekt weaving, jewelry making, and also math.
The Maya...developed an exact calendar by researching the stars.
The Aztecs...created floating gardens, sculpted terraces into hillsides, and developed watering systems.
The Aztecs...did not buy land from your neighbors.
The Aztecs...extended their borders by conquering neighboring peoples in Mexico.
The at an early stage peoples had actually to find new types that food because...the large animals died out during the ice cream Age.
How go the early Americans survive after the ice Age?They fished, pursued smaller animals, and also gathered plants and berries to eat.
Anasazi and also Mound, stayed in permanent settlements, and were religious
Anasazi and Mound home builders lived in different...places. One resided in the desert, the various other in the forest.
The Aztec & Inca developed their realms by...conquering their neighbors.
Maya, Aztec, and Inca all had...

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an organized government.
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