Not to be perplexed with the Mech point of view Wings (Pet). Mech angel Wings are apparel items worn on the back. Castle was initially released in the Beta testing at Jam Mart apparel for 300 Gems. Beta the the Day: Mech. Angel Helmet Hey Guys, todays beta is the Mech. Point of view helmet, precious a small den beta! I have 4 Mech angel Wings including light blue, black, green, and also light purple. I also have a liberty Mech angel Helmet. We have all you must know around animal jam appropriate here, so sign up with our journey together we show you into the world.

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Have you ever wanted come look favor a mechanical robot in pet Jam? By wearing the Mech point of view Helmet & Wings, you will not only look favor a robot, but additionally like one angel!
The Mech angel Helmet was very first released throughout the beta trial and error phase of animal Jam. You can buy it at Jam Mart Clothing. The helmet went on clearance, and also shortly after, that was removed from the game. The Mech point of view Wings was an initial released in 2012, but was not marketed in any kind of shops. You can still acquire the wings together rewards through completing different adventures.
In the pictures above, you deserve to see what the Mech angel Helmet & wings look like. Even if the items no released in the exact same time period, they enhance when worn together. The Helmet has actually a tiara-like design, fits roughly the head and also has feathers sticking out on both sides. The wings consists of a harness the you can wear, and has 2 wings on every side.
Both the Mech angel Helmet and also Wings have actually a complete of nine various varieties, including a rarely Item Monday version each. They all come in plenty of different colors, and also can it is in matched well together, if bought as a set. Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the different easily accessible varieties.

On may 14, 2012, the rare Item Monday Mech angel Helmet was released. It has a range of colors, such together peach, orange/brown and yellow advice on the feathers.
The rarely Item Monday version of the Mech point of view Wings to be made accessible only a week later, on might 21, 2012. As you have the right to see in the pictures, the wings likewise have a similar color scheme, and also fits well in addition to the helmet.
Even though the helmet and the wings to be released year ago, there are still some ways that friend can obtain them both. Let’s take a closer watch at exactly how you deserve to do that.
There are always a couple of Jammers the buy every item that gets sold, in the hopes that it will end up being rare. If you space lucky, you might find a Jammer that is willing to profession you his helmet and wings. Of course, girlfriend will should offer some of your very own rare items in return.

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The Mech point of view Wings were never ever sold in AJ. They came as adventure prizes. In fact, they can still be obtained by completing different kinds the adventures, even if the possibility is low.
It is said that the wings space still in the prize list of skies High, and also a number of other adventures. If you desire to acquire these wings, you should complete those adventures!
Occasionally, AJHQ release item password to the public, permitting Jammers to get complimentary items. However, this is not the situation for the Mech point of view Helmet & Wings. Let us know in the comment section listed below if you room looking to profession your helmet and also wings!